Lightforce Camp Light: Product test

This strong string will light your site at night.

Lightforce Camp Light: Product test

RAIN can make a night in the bush miserable, but so can a lack of light when you’re trying to set up camp or cook under a tarp or tree in the bush.

Lightforce – known to four-wheel drivers for its Australian-made high performance HID and LED vehicle driving lights – has introduced a flexible LED camp light that can be quickly strung up anywhere for instant camp lighting.

The 1.2m-long Lightforce flexible LED strip light has 72 LEDs that can be toggled on and off (and brightness controlled) by a touch-sensitive switch. The strip features hooks at each end and four Velcro straps along its length. The power cable is 5.5m long, so there’s plenty of reach from a power source to your kitchen or tent area.

We grabbed one for our recent Oodnadatta/Finke trek and it quickly proved its worth. It can easily be hung or strung from a tree branch or tent pole or – in our case, where we didn’t have any gazebo-type structures to hang lights from – a vehicle door mirror, to shine light on our camp stove and kitchen equipment.

Lightforce Camp LightDrawing around 15W, the flexible light is kind to your power supply (as LED lighting generally is) and doesn’t seem to attract too many insects. The kit includes a croc-clip accessory socket for use on a 12V battery.

As well as quickly and easily lighting your campsite at night, the Lightforce strip light is just as handy for under-vehicle inspections, and rolls up for storage in a glovebox or under a seat. And with IP65 waterproof rating, it’s at home on the water.

Two thumbs up!

Available from:
RRP: $99.
We say: flexible, convenient, handy.


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