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Lightforce Genesis

By Ron Moon, 02 Mar 2011 Electronics & Gadgets

Lightforce Genesis

The Lightforce Genesis is the latest driving light produced by this go-ahead Aussie company, based in South Australia.

The Lightforce Genesis is thelatest driving light produced by this go-ahead Aussie company, based in South Australia.

On first impressions, the Genesis is a good looking, robust unit that is well designed and manufactured.

The case is made from a hi-tech poly composite material that includes an alloy front bezel for added strength up front and a hard coated polycarbonate lens and filter.

With a diameter of 214mm and two large reflector designs (one for a spot beam, the other for a wider beam) the HID unit weighs just 1.3kg, while the halogen lights are lighter again. Incorporated into the case is a military spec Gore-tex breather to protect against moisture ingress. The clip-on filter is a little different to most designs, but it works a treat clipping into place securely.

The mounting bracket gives you four different mounting depth options (fore and aft) so you can ensure the light is tucked back from the leading edge of your bulbar, but still within its optimum positioning.

The base bracket also has provisions for three bolts and that, combined with an optional slotted bracket that secures the light at the top, makes for a very rigid mounting system. Still, we only mounted it with one bolt through the base plate and that seemed to be fine. An optional anti-theft kit is also available.

Lightforce produce an excellent wiring kit for use with driving lights, while the actual wiring and connector that comes with the light is a very good waterproof version. For the best connection of the lamp wiring to the lighting loom, you should solder the wires and not use crimp connectors (ah, my old trade school teacher would be proud of me).

These lights are available with a 100-watt halogen globe or a 35-watt internal ballast HID model. The unit we tested was the HID model with a 5000 degrees K ‘super white’ globe. Aiming these lights is best done on a dark night on a quiet bit of road as you’ll need a couple of 17mm sockets on a couple of ratchets to do it quickly and easily.

In use, the lights arc up immediately and take a few seconds to come to full brightness, but the light is beautiful with the spot beam stretching a long way ahead and the wider cornering beam having a good, even spread.

They are easy on the eyes to drive behind, so will be excellent on those long drives out west. We couldn’t want for anything better!

Price: RRP HID $647 each (Halogen $239) | Wiring loom - $66
Contact: lightforce.com

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