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Pelican lights product test

By Stuart Jones, 27 Feb 2016 Electronics & Gadgets

Pelican lights product test

Whether you’re a boatie, a camper or just a bit afraid of the dark – you’re sure to find something useful in Pelican’s range of compact lights.

Whether you’re a boatie, a camper or just a bit afraid of the dark – you’re sure to find something useful in Pelican’s range of compact lights. 

This range-topping headlamp has far more options than the 2750 headlamp. But powered by four AA batteries housed in a remote battery pack, it is also more awkward than the 2750, though you do quickly get used to the pack balanced on the side of your head. You know it’s there, but it’s not inconvenient.

2780 LED HEADLIGHTIt also has far more options, including three-stages of light power plus four different position modes: there’s a main/downcast mode, which points straight ahead while a beam also points down in front of you; there’s a downcast-only mode, which is perfect when you are reading, or preparing/eating dinner; there’s a main beam mode that directs light straight ahead; and there is a flashing mode. In the first mode on the high setting the light produces 430 lumens. Each mode is controlled by a dial on the right side of the unit, with the brightness controlled by a push-button on the end of the dial.

It has three options for a cover – white, black and fluorescent – and it is waterproof to 1m. So for those out there wanting a powerful all-rounder, this one is for you.

Available from: www.pelicanaustralia.com
RRP: $79.95
We say: Simple, compact and easy to ease.

For those looking for a new hand torch, I have found it. This one is a cracker. It’s light, small and it has beam that’s claimed to gleam for up to 240 metres, on the high setting (I didn’t measure the distance, but it does go a long way).

3310PL LED flashlightIts high-performance LED can produce up to 234 lumens, it is waterproof to a metre, and its casing is fluorescent! So you don’t have to guess where you have left the torch late at night – it’s so bright that you can’t miss it.

It comes with a handy wrist strap plus the three AA batteries it needs for operation. It also has a high/low beam control. At low beam it’s claimed to have a battery run time of 190 hours – amazing!

Available from: www.pelicanaustralia.com
RRP: $54.95
We say: Clever, handy and great for its size.

This headlamp is preferred for its simplicity. It doesn’t have a lot of options, but it is compact and easy to use. It comes with three AAA batteries and it was easy to get up and running in no time. I just slapped in the batteries, adjusted the head strap, and away we went.

2750 LED(GEN-1) headlightIt has a three light phases; high, 100 lumens; low, 40 lumens; and flashing. The high-power 100-lumen phase has a high-beam distance of 71 metres. At low beam it will run for 12 hours.

It can be tilted forward to suit, it’s perfect to light up your dinner plate in the dark, and it is waterproof to a metre. This little cracker has a permanent spot in my truck from here on.

Available from: www.pelicanaustralia.com
RRP: $69.95
We say: Multipurpose and convenient. 

Aimed at the boatie and those hardcore kayak fishermen out there, this one could be for you. It’s waterproof, dust-proof and it floats. It is also the perfect home for your all-important personal items while you play.

Light case 9000The 9000 snaps shut and it comes with a handy hook and carabiner, so it could also be used as a tent or swag light, and its light has three stages – high, medium and low beam – with the low beam lasting an impressive 100-plus hours. It provides 200 lumens on the high setting and it’s powered by four AA batteries, which are included.

Protected from the elements, the 9000 has several uses, but it’s especially great for storing important possessions – for example, mobile phones and keys. They are worth protecting.

Available from: www.pelicanaustralia.com
RRP: $44.95
We say: A powerful all-rounder with plenty of uses.