Latest 4x4 gear: Canopies, camping kit and lights

Prepare your rig for the upcoming Easter camping season.

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With Easter looming, there's never been a better time to kit out your rig and head outdoors!

Here are some of the latest and greatest aftermarket accessories on the market to make your Easter break memorable.

TJM Aeroklas canopyMASTER KLAS
COVER up your 4x4’s rear with a TJM Aeroklas canopy. The lightweight, tough canopy is made using a twin skin design, where each shell is thermoformed from a single piece of (100 per cent recyclable) ABS with no joins or weak areas. The high-impact-resistant canopy is robotically painted to OEM standards and features UV protection. LED illuminated lights are included in all models.

OFF to the outback? Then you’ll need a serious tent to make the nights as comfortable as possible. BlackWolf has you covered, literally, with its new, lightweight Mantis Ultralight. We don’t use the term lightweight loosely either, as this tent is 30 per cent lighter than its predecessor. This rugged and waterproof tent is perfect for the avid explorer. There are two tents available, with the UL 2 model having doors and vestibules on both sides.
RRP: $329.99 (UL 1); $399.99 (UL 2)

opposite lock lightsTIME FOR ADVENTURE
OPPOSITE LOCK has launched a new lighting range called the Adventurer series. The new range consists of 7in and 9in LED driving lights, 12in and 22in single row LED bars, and 14in and 22in dual row LED bars. Features include multi-voltage 10-30V DC input, waterproof DT Deutsch connectors and 304 stainless steel hardware. Go online for individual specifications.
RRP: $379 (7in driving); $599 (9in driving); $299 (12in single); $449 (22in single); $299 (14in dual); $449 (22in dual)

Redarc solar panelsBRIGHT SUNLIGHT
REDARC has extended its solar range with the newly updated Monocrystalline Portable Folding Solar Panels. The panels, available in 120- and 160-watt power ratings, feature adjustable legs so they can be angled towards the sun. The full range includes Solar Blankets SunPower cell in 115-, 150- and 190-watt power ratings and a flexible 112-watt red Solar Blanket Amorphous cell. The range also includes Monocrystalline Solar Panels in 50-, 80-, 120-, 150-watt power ratings, as well as a slim-line 150-watt design. The panels come with a five-metre Anderson to Anderson cable and genuine industry standard Anderson SB50 plug connectors. Find more information online.
RRP: $595 (120W); $795 (160W)

Ironman 4x4s Ezy Go flushable toiletTOILET BREAK
TAKE away the hassle of going to the loo in the outback by purchasing Ironman 4x4’s new Ezy-Go flushable 12- and 20-litre toilets. The portable, self-contained dunnies are hygienic, easy to empty and fuss-free – no more digging holes in the dark! The go-anywhere loo is also suitable for the kiddies and is designed so that it’s easy to clean when on a trip. The 12-litre should provide around 50 flushes; or 80 flushes from the 20-litre.
RRP: $128 (12lt); $145 (20lt)

arb glovesLIKE A GLOVE
PREVENT rope burn and the other nasties that can occur during a 4x4 recovery by slipping on a pair of ARB’s stylish recovery gloves. The comfy gloves are made from premium synthetic materials, with added knuckle and palm protection in the form of moulded rubber impact guards. The high-vis recovery orange will come in handy when you’re backing in your mates!

Narva LED dash panel globesDASHING DASH
JAZZ up your fourbie’s interior by sprinkling some all-new Narva LED Dash Panel Globes on the dashboard. The simple and cost-effective globes provide reliable, bright light (6000°K) and greatly enhance visibility across the dash and instrument cluster – a great replacement for outdated and hard-to-see styles. The LEDs, available in 12- and 24-volt variants, are available in seven different sizes and can be easily installed. It’s backed by a three-year warranty.
RRP: $24 approx. (box of 10)

Baja Designs’OnX6 light bar systemsCALIFORNIA DREAMIN’
LIGHTS, camera, action! All Baja Designs’OnX6 light bar systems are based upon the original OnX6 light bar, which is 10in long and features exclusive MoistureBlock technology, as well as anodised aluminium extruded housing with a CNC-machined anodised billet aluminium bezel. The mounting brackets are made of corrosion-proof 316-grade stainless steel. The hard-coated lenses are made of polycarbonate material. The lens/reflector assemblies are submersible, waterproof and dust-resistant. The LEDs produce 5000° Kelvin and, when combined with the circuit board, deliver a 49,930-hour life span. The ‘base’ OnX6 light bar produces an impressive 7350 lumens per 10in section. Jump online for coverage of the complete range.

Dometic Waeco CFX portable fridgeHIGH-TECH FRIDGES
THE  range has been launched. A highlight of the new range is that the units feature the latest Wi-Fi technology, allowing users to control and monitor temperatures remotely using a phone app. Variable Motor Speed Optimisation ensures required temperatures are reached faster and more efficiently, and this is aided with the inclusion of extra thick polyurethane insulation. The CFX range is also ideal for use with solar panels. Features include a robust lid latch and hinges, factory-fitted spring-loaded handles, a USB charging port, LED lighting, a flush-mounted evaporator plate and much more. Check it out.
RRP: $1199 (34.5L); $1299 (41L); $1449 (50L); 1599 (65L); 1899 (94.5L)

Rhino-Rack Folding Aerial BracketFOLD AWAY
MAKE the transition from bush to city driving an easy one with a . The bracket offers 180-degrees of rotation (with seven steps) for aerials, antennas, flags, small LEDs and spotlights. It installs in to roof racks using a C-channel mount, and it can directly mount to popular bullbar brands and is compatible with Rhino-Rack’s Vortex bars, Heavy Duty bars and Pioneer systems.
RRP: $89


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