Latest electronics and gadgets for your 4x4

We’ve handpicked some of the best gadgets and electronics currently on the market.

Latest electronics and gadgets for your 4x4

ONCE your 4x4 is fitted with all the necessities, you can start rigging it up with some advanced tech.

With high-tech gadgets and electronics flooding the market, it can often be difficult to establish what you need compared to what you want.

And in the end, it all depends on what your intentions are for your 4x4.

Building a remote-area tourer? It’s probably a good idea to get some two-way radios. How about something to tow the boat? An electronic brake controller should be high on your to-buy list. Do you spend a lot of time in traffic? A Navig8r Crash Cam PRO X could help you evade an insurance nightmare!

Here are just a few of the brilliant aftermarket gadgets currently on the market.

Cooldrive -jump -starterSHOCK PROOF
COOLDRIVE Distribution has released two new NOCO Jump Starters: the GB40 and GB70. These lithium-ion-powered jump starters incorporate patented spark-proof technology, making them almost impossible to use incorrectly. The GB40 can be used for up to 20 starts on a single charge and is suitable for petrol engines (up to 6.0L) and diesel engines (up to 3.0L). The more powerful GB70 offers 40 starts and is designed for larger petrol and diesel engines. They can recharge a battery in just over three hours, but can also be used to power a variety of 12V devices. Both are rechargeable via a USB port, or by using the provided 12V charger.

Ironman -electronic -brakeCONTROL FREAK
IRONMAN 4x4’s new-gen Electric Brake Controller will keep whatever you’re towing in line. The controller utilises pulse microprocessor-based technology, and it features a remote dial control, so the main unit is hidden neatly under the dash. The compact system is easy to install and can be mounted on any angle, and it can handle both single- and dual-axle trailers. Also features a dashboard LED indicator, an easy-adjustment dashboard knob, and convenient override control.
RRP: $180

Hyundai -smart -chargerFULLY CHARGED
GETTING a flat battery fully charged and back to as-new condition is a pretty tough business, but Hyundai’s newly released range of Smart Car Battery Chargers claims to do just that. The new Hyundai Smart Charger range uses multistage charging to correctly build up a battery’s voltage. The final stage is effectively a trickle stage, which can be left on a car battery long term, to keep the battery charged and in top condition. There are Hyundai Smart Charge models to suit all size batteries.
RRP: From $69.99

Ctek -battery -managerGOOD START
BATTERY management expert CTEK has developed a battery charger that’s designed to support the power demands of start-stop vehicle technology and to minimise the risk of an unexpected flat battery. The CT5 Start Stop is fully automatic, easy to use, and its simple three-stage display tells you whether your battery is being checked and tested, is charging, or is in continuous 24/7 care mode. The CTEK CT5 Start Stop is suitable for all 12V lead acid batteries (wet, MF, CA/CA, AGM and GEL) with a capacity of 14-130Ah. It’s optimised for the AGM and EFB batteries used in start-stop technology.
RRP: $177.87

Uniden -uhf -two -way -radioROGER, ROGER
A GREAT way to play it safe when exploring is to stay connected to your fellow travellers. And UHF two-way radios are the most reliable way to stay in touch when there’s no mobile phone coverage. Uniden’s new Titanium (one-watt UH810S and two-watt UH820S) series is designed to survive the harsh Aussie outback. The tech offers access to 80 UHF channels, and the radios have a range of more than 9km (UH810S) and 13km (UH820S). They’re rechargeable via USB, and talk time equates to approximately 15 or 21 hours. They come with a three-year warranty. A Tradie’s Pack is also offered. Call Uniden for more info: 1300 366 895.
RRP: $89.95 (UH810S); $179.95 (UH810S-2); $229.95 (UH810S-2TP); $129.95 (UH820S); $249.95 (UH820S-2); $299.95 (UH820S-2TP)

Rhinorack -roof -rack -safeWE’RE IN LOCKDOWN
KEEP the valuables stored on your roof rack safe from thieving scum, with the Rhino-Rack Cable Core Lockdown. You can now leave the camping equipment unattended as you explore dusty tracks on foot, or hit the ski slopes in the colder months. The base mounts onto your roof racks or Rhino-Rack Pioneer system, and then an 8mm PVC-coated steel wire cable with zinc protection is looped around the items requiring extra security. The cable is available in three lengths: 0.6m, 1.2m and 1.8m. The system is also Masterkey compatible.
RRP: $59.00 (1.8m); $49.00 (1.2m); $39.00 (0.6m)

Ironman -4x 4-LED-light -barLIGHT THE WAY
THE FUTURE is brighter with an Ironman 4x4 LED light bar. These new beauties, developed using the latest tech, draw minimum power yet maintain an impressive light spread, achieved via state-of-the-art, high-intensity 5W CREE LEDs. Ironman 4x4 has also developed brand-new, bigger reflectors. Straight and curved light bars are available. Features include: 10/30V DC operating voltage; -20° to 50° operating temp; an integrated breather; IP67, IP69K water- and dustproof-rated; a dual mounting system; an integrated Deutsch connector; alloy diecast housing; and a shockproof polycarbonate lens. The light bar comes with a one-year warranty.
RRP: From $150

Water -level -indicatorWATER TROUBLES
SUITABLE not just for remote-area touring, the Ironman 4x4 low-water alarm kit is a great addition to any city runabout. The kit’s technology has the ability to sense a negative current in the radiator water, and when the water drops below one of two probes, an alarm and warning light activate before there is even movement in the temperature gauge. The kit suits 12- and 24-volt systems and plastic or metal header tanks. Get one before it is too late!
RRP: $199

Laser ’s -Navig 8r -Crash -Cam -PRO-XINSURANCE JOB
DODGE the hassle of proving to money-driven insurance companies that an accident wasn’t your fault. Pick yourself up Laser’s all-new Navig8r Crash Cam PRO X, a dash camera that takes in-vehicle incident recording to the next level with Super Full HD image quality. The cam includes an on-screen street map with alerts for school zones, speed cameras and red-light cameras. Tailored specifically for Oz roads, the Crash Cam also features journey review with Google Maps, automatic event recording, and park mode, which activates recording even when your car is unattended. For a full list of features, head to Laser’s website.
RRP: $349.95

Expansion -packEXPANSION PACK
NARVA has added to its large range of heavy-duty recreational vehicle (HDRV) powering accessories, with the introduction of several new products to the line-up. Among the new additions include a thermoplastic right-angle merit plug; heavy-duty adaptors; and digital LED volt and amp meters, which are available in all housing styles. Two- and three-way module options, with a choice of six sockets and meters and six different housings, are also available.


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