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Latest storage & protection gear for your 4x4

14 Jul 2016 Gear

Latest storage & protection gear for your 4x4

Add some gear to your ride to take your 4x4 further

CONSTANTLY tinkering with your rig to make it more and more off-road friendly is part-and-parcel of 4x4 ownership.

But with so many options and so many variations of options, the task can often be daunting. So here at 4X4 Australia, we thought we’d ease the burden and show you some of the best storage and protection products currently on the market.

Ran out of room in the back of the wagon? Get a roof rack. Have trouble finding utensils when you arrive at camp? Get a set of drawers. Afraid Skippy will launch at you on a dark road? Get a bullbar.

Before you know it, your 4x4 will be taking you to those hard-to-reach places you never thought possible.

IF YOU like to keep the inside of your 4x4 uncluttered, then MSA 4x4’s Tourer and Basket Packs should be atop your shopping list (and your roof). Bulky items can be stored on a roof rack with peace of mind, knowing they’ll be protected from the elements. The packs feature a fully attached seatbelt harness system and a YKK chunky zip, with double metal sliders on three sides. Made from 16oz canvas, the packs are easy to load and unload and come with a lifetime guarantee.
RRP: Froom $368
Website: www.msa4x4.com.au

Dolium boab roller drawers ON TRACK
NEED somewhere to store all of the crap you’ve got rolling around down back? Then check out Dolium’s upgraded range of Boab Roller Drawers. These drawers now come with a built-in anchor track and tie-down system. Mounted flush with the top of the drawers, the anchor track system uses removable load rings (single-drawer units come with four load rings; double-drawer units are supplied with eight load rings), which can be easily adjusted along the length of the track. Anchor tracks are available on single, double, large, medium, fridge slider or fixed-top roller drawers.
RRP: From $695
Website: www.dolium.com.au

Rhino rack ski and snowboard carrierWINTER IS COMING
PLANNING a weekend retreat to the ski slopes, but don’t have space for the gear?
Rhino-Rack’s new Ski and Snowboard Carrier will make sure you don’t miss out on any winter adventures. A 695mm internal length allows up to six pairs of skis (or four snowboards) to be stored up top, and an easy-release locking system means the gear can be loaded and unloaded quickly. Other features include a Masterkey-compatible security lock, a universal mount, and mould-resistant materials. Plus it offers UV protection and is waterproof and rustproof. It comes with a five-year warranty.
RRP: $259
Website: www.rhinorack.com.au

Tjms frontal protection systemFRONT-END FORCE
IF THERE’S one nonnegotiable when it comes to a vehicle’s front end, it’s that it’s made tough! And TJM’s Frontal Protection Systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards. TJM’s unique and innovative load carrying mount system separates the extreme winching and dynamic strap recovery loads from the airbag-compatible crumple zones required for compliance. Through clever design the TJM mount system directs the severe recovery loads to the strongest part of the chassis without affecting the airbag compatibility, to ensure maximum safety for the driver and their family. TJM’s Frontal Protection Systems are not only the strongest bars in town, but also easy to use.
Website: www.tjm.com.au

Opposite lock roof rackOPPOSITES ATTRACT
DOES this roof rack kit look familiar? That’s because it’s the one we opted to install on our giveaway HiLux. Except this one – the 2016 Toyota HiLux Slimline II Roof Rack Kit – is Opposite Lock’s newest addition to its exclusive Front Runner range. At 1165mm x 1358mm, the kit comes with vehicle-specific foot rails with table openings and a wind deflector. Specifically designed for off-road use, the modular rack is manufactured from high-density aluminium and is lighter and stronger than traditional welded racks.
Website: www.oppositelock.com.au

THE latest alloy bullbar to hit ARB's range is tailored for the Ford Ranger PXII, and follows the release of ARB alloy bullbars or the newest Toyota Prado 150(pictured), Nissan NP300 and Ford Everest. The boffins at ARB HQ developed a high-strength bar that fully integrates with modern vehicle design, and it maintains that highly recognisable ARB look. It employs 4mm aluminium alloy for the outer wings and centre pan, while 60mm alloy outer tubing evokes a commanding presence. The bullbar is secured to the vehicle via a series of high-tensile bolts, and steel mounts ensure it's capable of dealing with high winch loads(tested up to 10,000lb).
Website: www.arb.com.au/alloy