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New 4x4 Gear: Garmin watch, Victorinox wood collection, CTEK charging system

By Justin Walker, 13 Sep 2018 Gear

New 4x4 Gear Garmin watch Victorinox CTEK charging feature

Utilitarian purpose wrapped in an attractive style.

Utility and style don't have to be mutually exclusive; design often makes for a better, more user-friendly product.

Garmin fēnix 5 Plus

Garmin’s latest version of its popular GPS watches features built-in routable full-colour topographical maps, storage for music playlists, Garmin Pay contactless payment solution and wrist-based Pulse Ox Acclimation1 for blood oxygen saturation awareness (just in case you’re scaling a mountain to connect that winch strap).

The three variants of this watch range – the 5 Plus, the 5S Plus and the 5X Plus – range in size from 42 to 51mm and include a bright, sunlight-readable display. The 5 Plus series is available in two finishes – stainless steel and titanium – with each version or model including the full-colour Garmin Chroma display.

Battery life varies from seven days in smartwatch mode with 5S Plus, to 10 days for 5 Plus, and 20 days for 5X Plus. 

RRP: from $999 to $1699
Website:  www.garmin.com/fenix

CTEK on-board charging systems


CTEK has released two on-board charging systems that are compatible with smart alternators. The systems are available as a 20Amp Off Grid and 140Amp Off Road solution.

The Off Grid system delivers a safe, powerful 20Amp charge to the battery while you’re mobile and is designed so that, even if the smart alternator shuts off, the Off Grid won’t. It includes a specific AGM charge voltage for faster charge rates, for batteries of that type. There’s also a solar panel connector.

The 140Amp Off Road system offers much more grunt and, when battery voltage levels are low, the charging system disconnects non-essential items to ensure critical appliances retain power supply. It also includes a Start Assist function that utilises the service battery’s power to start your vehicle if the actual starter battery is flat.

Website: www.ctek.com/au

4x4 Gear: Don't overload your alternator

Victorinox Wood Collection 

Victorinox, the maker of the iconic Swiss Army Knife (SAK), has just released its new Wood Collection, comprising three SAK models that feature a sweet walnut wood casing. Even cooler is that each casing is unique, thanks to the walnut’s natural grain.

The Spartan Wood is an incarnation of the legendary Officer’s knife and includes large and small blades, can opener, bottle opener, two screwdrivers, and more. The Huntsman adds scissors and a wood saw, while the Swiss Champ jams in more than 29 functions and includes a ruler, pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew, fish scaler, wood saw, nail file, sewing awl, scissors and blades.

Get the right kit on 4x4 Gear

All three models are compact: Spartan is 91mm long and 57g; Huntsman is 91mm and 95g; and Swiss Champ is 91mm and 185g.

RRP: $84.95 Spartan; $119 Huntsman; $239 Swiss Champ
Website:  www.victorinox.com