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New 4x4 gear: Rhino-Rack, Cop-Lock, TJM snorkel and more!

By Justin Walker, 31 Aug 2017 Gear

New 4x4 gear main

The best gear from the current crop of new kit.

WE’VE trawled the aftermarket catalogues to bring you the best 4x4 accessories to land on shelves this month.

Rhino-Rack’s new pioneer shovel mounting bracket makes it easy to take this handy recovery/camping implement with you. The bracket mounts directly to the company’s Vortex crossbars or to any of its Pioneer load systems (racks and trays). Multiple fitment positions – thanks to the fact the bracket can be inverted – allows you to secure the shovel above or below the tray and well away from the roof.

RHINO-RACK PIONEER SHOVEL MOUNTING BRACKETAdd in a hinged design that means you can fit different shovel handles, plus the tough powdercoated steel construction, and you have no excuse to leave it behind. Fitment of the bracket takes around five minutes, and when you’re stuck in sand, snow or mud and need to dig deep to aid vehicle recovery, you’ll be glad your shovel can be easily accessed. The mounting bracket comes with a three-year warranty.
RRP: $79

Website: www.rhinorack.com.au


The latest addition to the famous Swiss Army Knife collection, the Cybertool S, includes 27 separate functions in its compact (91mm long) and lightweight (95g) format. Based on the company’s traditional Officer knife, functions include an integrated wrench (with different bit) and a fold-out bit case that includes two Pozidriv Phillips head bits (plus a standard Phillips bit), three Torx bits, a bit-wrench, a female 5mm Hex drive and a female 4mm Hex drive, plus a standard Hex 4 bit.

VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY KNIFE: CYBERTOOL SThere are two blades (large and small), a can opener, 6mm screwdriver, wire stripper, 6mm and 3mm screwdrivers, can opener (very important), pressurised ballpoint pen and loads more. On top of all these features, you cop Victorinox’s sterling reputation for building innovative and tough gear. Win, win.
RRP: $145
Website: www.victorinox.com


Car thieves are now able to gain entry to even the most technically advanced 4x4s via immobiliser modules and programs that can duplicate the encryption on your vehicle’s key. COP-LOCK, developed by a retired police officer and police prosecutor, steps back in time to the days of manual locking devices in a bid to discourage vehicle thieves.

COP-LOCK This simple mechanical locking set-up attaches to a vehicle’s brake or clutch pedal via its hardened steel ratchet system and lock – short of it being cut by an oxy-torch (or similar steel-cutting device), it’s close to indestructible. The COP-LOCK’s visibility from outside the vehicle can also potentially deter thieves who may view it as too difficult to break. For a small monetary outlay, the COP-LOCK offers great bang for your insurance bucks.
Website: www.coplock.com.au


This aluminium drawer system is claimed to be one of the lightest on the market, and it also offers more internal storage space than similar-sized units. MSA 4x4 has patented this new storage drawer system, as it uses a bunch of new tech for optimum durability, top-notch build quality and ease-of-use. The system’s patented Pro-Glide technology provides smooth opening for load weights of up to 250kg per pair of drawers. It allows full access to the entire storage area.

MSA 4X4 EXPLORER STORAGE DRAWER SYSTEM The open-stay block keeps the drawers open, while the locks ensure the drawers can’t be leveraged open by thieves. It’s got a cool LED strip light that sits flush. A raft of accessories (fridge slides, drop slides, fridge barriers) are available and it’s ADR compliant and covered by MSA 4x4’s Lifetime Guarantee.
Website: www.msa4x4.com.au


The revised Amarok has arrived, and TJM has wasted no time in producing an Airtec snorkel for the facelifted model’s TDV6 and TD4 engines. The snorkel is made from top-notch UV-resistant polyethylene that contains unique additives and a strong bonding process to ensure high levels of impact resistance – it’s fitted via stainless steel hardware.

TJM AIRTEC SNORKEL – VW AMAROKThe Airtec snorkel retains its colour due to a process where the colour pigment is fused into the resin before the snorkel, which means the polymer is evenly saturated with the colour pigment. Not only upping water-crossing insurance, the snorkel disperses rain water via drain holes in the base of the air-ram section of the snorkel.
RRP: $413.60 (excluding freight and fitment)
Website: www.tjm.com.au