New 4x4 Gear: Thunder Espresso machine, Schumacher battery charger, and Power of the Pedal

Great non-essentials to have when you need to take a break.

New 4x4 Gear Thunder Espresso machine Schumacher battery charger Power of the Pedal

Take a break from hitting the tracks, make yourself a good cup of coffee, put your 4x4 rig on the charger, pull up a book, and cool your heels. 

These 4x4 Gear aren't what you need to get you places, but it certainly makes the trip all the more worthwhile when you get there.  

Thunder espresso machine and coffee grounds adaptor

New 4 X 4 Gear Thunder Espresso Machine Jpg

Yep, coffee is great, which makes this new portable espresso machine from Thunder even greater, allowing you to brew your morning cuppas with minimal fuss.

The Thunder portable espresso machine is compatible with pod-style coffee and can produce up to 50 cups when the unit is fully charged (it is USB-chargeable and takes three hours to attain full charge). As well as being pod compatible, there is a grounds adaptor available that allows you to use your favourite pre-ground coffee.

The espresso machine is compact – 310mm tall, 95mm wide and weighs 720g – making it easy to pack for that camping adventure, with the coffee grounds adaptor only 70mm wide and 100mm tall (and only 100g in weight).

RRP: $128 (espresso machine); $15.50 (grounds adaptor)

Schumacher Electric SPI10 battery charger

New 4 X 4 Gear Schumacher Electric SPI 10 Battery Charger Jpg

This fully automatic 12V 10amp battery charger ensures stored batteries stay charged, whether AGM, standard, gel, calcium or start-stop variants. The charger is microprocessor-controlled and offers multi-stage charging for additional precision, battery life and safety.

The charge includes an easy-to-read display that offers step-by-step instruction to ensure proper charging of the battery, and there is even a hook attachment for hanging the unit in your garage, on your motorcycle’s handlebars or via the bonnet of your 4x4 (there’s a set of protective bumpers on it as well).

The unit is compact, measuring 190mm long, 140mm wide and 65mm high, and it weighs in at 1.2kg.

RRP: $199

Power of the pedal

New 4 X 4 Gear Power Of The Pedal Jpg

The humble ‘pushy’ has been a part of Aussie history for 200 years now. As well as being a popular outdoor activity and sport, the bicycle in Australia was the go-to for early overlanders in this country, with a number of first traverses on two wheels undertaken in the late 19th and early 20th century. It was also key for the military, especially during the Boer War and World War I.

All this forms part of this book written by highly regarded Aussie cycle journo, Rupert Guinness. The sections on the overlanders in particular are entertaining. There’s the story of Aussie George Burston who, with Harry Stokes, rode penny-farthings around the world. An entertaining read.

RRP: $40


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