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New 4x4 Gear: Yakima bicycle carrier, Ute bag, Amarok signature bar

By Justin Walker, 11 Mar 2018 Gear

New 4x4 Gear Yakima bicycle carrier Ute bag Amarok signature bar gear feature

If you need to haul lots of gear, you can do no better than these new selection of 4x4 gear.

From TJM's bullbar to Yakima's bicycle carriers, this week's gear features everything a 4x4 enthusiast would need to furnish their rig from nose to tail. 

TJM Signature Bar for the Volkswagen Amarok TDV6

The VW Amarok TDV6 is proving popular with off-road tourers (with good reason!) and this has been recognised by TJM with the release of its all-new Signature bar, for the 2017-onwards TDV6 Amarok. The bar features a large, 76mm diameter centre loop and two side loops of 63mm diameter that, in conjunction with those beefy bumperettes, provide loads of protection. And it all combines to look pretty awesome, too, thanks to the entire bar’s high polish finish.

The bar is designed to maintain optimum airflow to the engine cooling systems and includes two LED indicator/park lights, LED fog lights and two aerial tabs. The airbag-compatible bar can fit a winch rated up to 9500lb, it has two integrated recovery points (8000kg rating), and you can fit driving lights of up to 220mm in size. Options include a winch and wiring loom kits for both halogen and V6 bi-xenon headlights.

Website: www.tjm.com.au

MSA 4X4 Explorer Storage Drawer System: Volkswagen Amarok TDV6 (AdBlueand non-AdBlue)

MSA 4X4 has released a new Explorer Aluminium Storage Drawer system to suit the 2017-plus Amarok TDV6 that runs AdBlue. Believe it or not, the AdBlue addition to the ’Rok necessitates a tweak to the design and build of the drawer system to ensure it meets ADR compliance for that particular model.

The 1350 double-drawer system includes left and right drawer modules, L/R wing and fit kits, the double-drawer join kit, double trim and the floor extension and, as expected, is built to MSA 4X4’s exacting standards to ensure optimum storage capability without compromising vehicle/occupant safety. The MSA Explorer Storage Drawer system is light and strong (up to 250kg of gear per pair), thanks to its aluminium construction and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This set-up is also available for pre-AdBlue Amarok models, at the same price.

RRP: $2899
Website: www.msa4x4.com.au

Cel-Fi GO 

The Cel-Fi GO is designed to boost data speeds and lift voice quality on your mobile phone when out in remote areas. This unit (authorised by Telstra for use on its mobile network) works with Telstra’s 4GX and Next G networks. The Cel-Fi GO is claimed to not interfere with mobile networks or other users when it is in use, which is different to a regular vehicle repeater. It does this via monitoring power levels of nearby cell towers and adjusting its own output to suit. Because the unit operates within a set frequency band, this also helps eliminate potential interference. The Cel-Fi GO offers up to 70dB of gain with boost coming on once the signal dips below -80dBm on the 3G network, or -96dBm on the 4G network). It also includes a WAVE (Bluetooth) app for iOS, Android and PCs.

RRP: From $1047
Website: www.powertec.com.au

EFS Xtreme for the Toyota LC200 series

The suspension gurus at EFS have developed new 45mm big-bore front struts and rear shocks for Toyota’s 200 Series. The strut features a 65mm outer body diameter, is a twin-tube design, includes a dynamic motion control valve, bonded rubber bushes, multi-lip seals and a tough 2mm wall. It has been specifically developed to suit and control the LC200’s heavy weight, which is most noticeable when towing or off-roading where you need a large volume shock to keep the big rig tracking true. The EFS Xtreme kit for the LC200 is designed for both standard-height and lifted Cruisers and can be paired with EFS’s coil springs.

Website: www.efs4wd.com.au

Terrain Tamer/RM Williams ute bag

One of Australia’s highly regarded off-road companies has joined forces with this country’s premier outback clothing and apparel brand to produce this tough 60-litre ute bag. The team at Terrain Tamer used its extensive knowledge of what works and doesn’t when it comes to outback travel and combined that with R.M. Williams’ apparel expertise to ensure this bag – featuring robust leather straps, rugged poly/cotton canvas material, heavy-duty zip and a bombproof design – will be up for being thrown in the back of your 4x4. Large enough for a week away, the bag’s design means there’s next to nothing that can go wrong with it, so you can expect many years of worry-free, gear-carrying service.

RRP: $240
Website: www.terraintamer.com

Yakima Longhaul

Taking bikes on holidays is often a right royal pain. Yakima’s LongHaul is a four-bike, hitch-mount (50mm) carrier designed for vehicles, camper trailers and caravans, and it’s easy to fit. Weighing in at 14.5kg, the LongHaul can lug four bikes (max weight of 17kg per bike) and will hold them securely thanks to Yakima’s SuperCush ZipStrip cradles. These, along with the anti-sway cradles, ensure the bikes are secure and don’t bang into each other.

The LongHaul’s folding arms are easy to use and allow the rack (when folded) to remain on the hitch without getting in the way. There are two locks – the HitchLock secures the rack to the hitch, while the LockDown cable locks the bike(s) to the rack – both of which can be locked using the one supplied key. Best of all, the LongHaul includes Yakima’s ubiquitous inbuilt bottle opener – say no more.

RRP: $399
Website: www.yakima.com.au

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Narva SeeEzy LED rechargeable under-bonnet lamp

Working on an engine or other under-bonnet components often means doing so in limited light. Head torches and inspection lamps can help, but we reckon this lamp from Narva, featuring three 5W LEDS that offer a 6000K (white) light output, is a top solution. The SeeEzy is powered by a lithium-ion battery (recharged via USB) with a claimed 6-15 hours of running time (output dependent). Users can select from one, two or all three LEDS for output, providing 350, 675 or 1000 lumens respectively.

The three LED housings can be adjusted to swivel up to 40°, ensuring the light is illuminating the working area. The aluminium, ABS and polycarbonate construction ensures the SeeEzy is robust, while the adjustable padded arms can be extended from 1200 to 1750mm, allowing fitment to any number of vehicles.

Website: www.narva.com.au