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EFS Suspension Kit

By Rennie Scaysbrook, 16 Feb 2011 Suspension

Product Test: EFS Suspension Kit

Our long-term D-Max has left for Fraser Island with an EFS spring in its step.

Our long-term D-Max has left for Fraser Island with an EFS spring in its step.

Project D-Max has done its first trip to Fraser Island, sporting a new EFS suspension kit thanks to the crew at Carrolls Suspension.

With the body now sporting a 40mm lift and the whole show running on new Maxxis 674 Bighorn rubber, the D-Max looks like its ready to take on the King’s Army.

The first point of contact came in the form of the Premium shock absorbers. EFS has been developing and constructing shocks for years and has the use of its own specialised shock dyno facility, where each shock is fine tuned to not just its own demanding specifications but the specific needs of each individual 4X4 it’s destined for.

The Premium Elite shock features a 35mm piston with twin tube construction for better control of the spring during rebound and compression, with the 51-60mm external tube offering a greater oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature.

The long travel design is a part of all EFS shocks and will help maximise wheel articulation when hitting a rock or a gnarly trail.

The EFS torsion bars give a 25-30 percent increase in strength over the standard Isuzu units and give a dramatic increase in towing stability as well as keeping the Isuzu planted yet nimble when carrying an increased load. The bars are prestressed to ensure longevity, plus they’re bar peened and rolled to help the units retain their strength for the life of their service.

Out the back EFS has fitted its Elite Comfort 150kg to GVM leaf springs with EFS pins, shackles, U-bolts and bushes.

The EFS leaves are made from high-quality Japanese grade SUP9 and SUP9A alloyed carbon spring steel. The shot-peened and scrag tested leaves offer not just greater wheel articulation and durability but give a more comfortable ride over the rough stuff.

The tapered leaf ends reduce the inter-leaf friction and improve pressure distribution over the bearing area.

The EFS pins and shackles are made from medium- to high-grade carbon steels which are then case hardened and gold cadmium plated for increased strength and corrosion protection against the elements while the carbon steel U-bolts are powder coated to ensure longevity.

Overall the new suspension package has turned the D-Max from a workhorse with 4X4 capability to a machine to go anywhere. The ride is firmer yet more compliant, and it’ll now tow heavy loads even easier than it did before. Plus it doesn’t look half bad, either!

Price: POA, according to vehicle
Contact: efs4wd.com.au, 1300 660 601