THIS is one of those items that has you asking yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

The camp cutlery box from Creative Camping Solutions is an easy and basic box to store and carry cutlery when out on the road.

I’d always kept my camp cutlery in a large plastic box, which did the job for years, and the Creative Camping cutlery box does the same thing. However, it is partitioned just like the cutlery drawer in your home kitchen so that everything is kept in place.

Measuring 35 x 27 x 5cm the box can accommodate all cutleries, from large knives to teaspoons, and I’ve even found myself storing small items like a torch.

Creative Camping Solutions' Cutlery box closedThe box is designed and made in Australia and is of a thick, sturdy plastic that should prove durable over time. The catch holding the lid closed is very secure, so you won’t open the back of your 4x4 to find your knives and forks everywhere. The last thing you want is loose kitchen knives flying around your 4x4 during a rollover or sudden stop.

The cutlery box sells for $25 (plus postage) which is reasonable considering the sturdy construction, and we doubt you’ll find anything similar that is made here in Australia.

The box doesn’t come with cutlery included, but Creative Camping can sell you that – just check its website.


Available from:
RRP: $25 + postage
We say: Simple and effective.