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Product test: Multi-Purpose Tracks

By Mark Allen, 09 Dec 2015 Gear

Product test: Multi-Purpose Tracks

Recovery tracks that double-up as a kitchen table? You betcha!

Just like a Swiss Army knife, the Mupu (multi-purpose) trax product offers many uses beyond its main purpose as a recovery board.

The tracks are made of a 32mm-square-holed grate that originates from the FRP industrial grating industry. The top surface is impregnated with a hard-wearing quartz grit to enhance traction and grip. It’s also non-corrosive, non-slip, UV-stabilised and fire retardant.

The larger tracks measure 123cm long by 31cm wide by 3cm thick and weigh 5.9kg per track, while the shorter versions are 84cm long by 31cm wide by 3cm thick and weigh 4.3kg per track. The leg kits are manufactured from 6063-T5 marine-grade aluminium and SS316 surgical-grade stainless-steel, so they will resist rust and corrosion.

Multi Purpose Tracks drivingThe Muputrax can be used in most off-road situations as a traction board on soft ground (sand, mud and snow), but they can also be used as a bridging ladder or ramp to bridge over difficult terrain, to help your vehicle climb rocks and steep slopes, and to aid in tackling washouts or other harder-to-drive tracks.

When put to the test as ramps and bridges, they deflected a lot under the weight of our Land Cruiser, but they returned to their original shape without damage once the Cruiser was removed.

Each Muputrax is rated to carry a load of 5000kg as a sand ladder, 1500kg as a temporary bridge, 250kg when set up as a bench seat, 150kg when used a step stool and 50kg when used as a table.

Multi Purpose Tracks partsThe complete Muputrax kit includes the two recovery tracks, one bench leg kit, one table leg kit, two padding layers, plus all associated fitting gear to allow you to use the tracks as jacking base plates, pet beds, walkways, camp shower bases, levelling ramps, fridge stands or door mats.

Multi Purpose Tracks tablePlus, the standard leg kits allow you to use the tracks as tables and chairs.

To top it all off, when tipped upside down with the legs in place and webbing stretched between, the tracks can be used as a clothesline.

Multi Purpose Tracks washingAll up, there are many good uses for these boards as stated on the Muputrax website, but, realistically, some are little more than gimmicky and wouldn’t be used by most people. Same goes for the toothpick on a Swiss Army knife… sure you can, but does anyone actually use it?

Multi Purpose Tracks storageRRP is $250 (plus delivery) for the larger set including leg kit and $225 (plus delivery) for the smaller set including leg kit, and both have a three-year warranty. Also available are storage bags for $55 (large) and $50 (small). The track colours on offer are yellow, black and aqua.

For more information see www.muputrax.com.au

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