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Projecta HP2000

By Mark Allen, 11 Aug 2014 Recovery

Projecta HP2000

A portable power pack could save you from side-of-the-road embarrassment.

Having extra battery power while on the road is an absolute must for our high-tech camping world of 12V fridges, lighting and the myriad of must-have 12V appliances.

The Projecta HP2000 features twin 22 amp, sealed, maintenance-free, Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries, providing 44 amps of long-lasting deep cycle power that is spot on for all manner of camping accessories. The unit has both cigarette and merit-style plugs to allow most appliances’ cables to be used.

As a rough guide, a 44 amp battery will power most 12V fridges for about 20 hours (dependent on fridge), your car radio for 50 to 60 hours and the ever-faithful camping fluorolight for up to a whopping 70 to 80 hours – plenty of stress-free camping.

The HP2000 is also aimed at jump starting either 12V or 24V vehicles, so, regardless of whether you drive a car, truck or a boat, you’ll be able to get yourself going again. The long, fully-insulated, pure copper jump start cables feature heavy-duty alligator clamps that are stored on the in-built side arms – a great place to keep them out of the way when not in use and always there when you need them.

For those tiny, but potentially expensive incidents of hooking the clamps to your battery the wrong way, never fear, as the HP2000 has in-built reverse polarity protection as well as a short circuit alarm and switch, which is automatically reset. If you’ve got the latest, greatest, electronically controlled computer management system looking after your engine, the HP2000 will protect it through its Automatic Surge Protection.

There’s even a useful row of in-built LED lights to help with side-of-the-road repairs, so day or night, you’ll be able to easily operate your extra power.
Recharging the HP2000 is an easy affair through your choice of 12 or 240V leads, so there’s no need to skimp on battery power while on the road; simply plug the unit into your cigarette socket or power outlet to recharge on the run, or plug it into the wall at home or caravan park. Either way, the Automatic Charge Controller will prevent overcharging, regardless of how long it’s left on-charge. An easy-to-read battery meter lets you know the state of the AGM batteries, so there’s no real reason to not have useful power on hand.

There are a few small changes with the current version of this jumpstarter, now called the HP2012. First up, it’s a different colour (grey), but also has easy-to-read LED displays, now only 12V, plus more idiot proof controls to ensure you and your vehicles safety.

We say: powerful, reliable and handy.
RRP: $600
Info: http://www.projecta.com.au

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