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Seal-lock emergency repair kit

By Scott Heiman, 05 Aug 2014 Recovery

Seal-lock emergency repair kit

The SEAL-LOCK Emergency Repair Kit will get you out of any sticky situation.

The SEAL-LOCK Emergency Repair Kit is one of those products we need to seriously consider for remote area travel. You never know when it will come in handy.

Even more intriguing is that a couple of the products were developed for the Space Race and used on a space craft.

The SEAL-LOCK Special Emergency Repair Kit contains four SEAL-LOCK products: Seal Tabs, Fluid Weld, GRIP and TMT lubricant. Here’s a brief rundown on each product.

Seal Tabs permanently seal and prevent leaks in automotive cooling systems. It’s the only preventative medicine available for unforeseen leaks. It doesn’t contain metallic particles or fibres so it won’t block your water cooling system. The tabs are nontoxic, odourless and only dissolve in water or anti-freeze. When dissolved, the formula is released through the cooling system, reacting with gaseous oxygen (air), crystallising to permanently seal leaks that might have been missed in assembly, testing, or installation. Not to mention dealing with those unforeseen cracks that can occur from rough travelling – or our own rough handling – during outback pit-stops.

Fluid Weld repairs fine cracks, pin holes, and even the porosity in cast iron or aluminium heads and blocks. It improves the sealing ability of injector tubes, gaskets and freeze plugs whilst improving the fastening of crack repair plugs and pins, etc. It works by penetrating and bonding with the surface, including metal, and then thermosetting. Because the weld transfers heat, it provides a cooling effect. Unlike some other sealants.

Inferior sealants that do not transferheat, block the heat transfer process which means heat is retained in your engine at a specific spot. Fluid Weld also remains pliable and flexible after setting, so it can handle heat expansion, distortion and vibration. It can also withstand temperatures over 1600 degrees Celsius.

GRIP is a fast curing sealant and retainer with an easy application process that doesn’t involve mixing. You use this product whenever you would normally apply medium or high strength glue or threadlocker. The advantage of SEAL-LOCK GRIP over similar products is that it’s an anaerobic sealant with a claimed 4000 PSI shear strength. It also claims to withstand temperatures ranging between -75 and +500 degrees Celsius. Additional heating whilst curing (for approximately 15 minutes at 90 degrees) speeds the process and even increases the bond strength. When fully set, GRIP is resistant to solvents, prevents leakage, contamination, corrosion and stops threads loosening from vibration. Surprisingly, it doesn’t go brittle when it cures and it doesn’t deteriorate in the bottle with age
after opening.

TMT lubricant is a 100 per cent synthetic lubricant that penetrates and prevents rust on most metal compounds (even stainless steel and aluminium). Unlike oil-based lubricants, it doesn’t leave an oily residue to attract dust and other particulates. It absorbs into the metal it’s applied to, leaving a dry and dust free surface. Also it’s odourless and it doesn’t stain. These characteristics mean it’s versatile enough to use on engine parts as well as on fishing gear and even on precision metals with items such as machine tools. You’ll only need
a couple of drops on any application.

A little goes a long way.

SEAL-LOCK claims a number of significant benefits over its competitors in the marketplace. And, given its pedigree and published testimonials from users, SEAL-LOCK is clearly onto a winner.

There are few other products available on the market that claim to operate both across the world and beyond Earth’s atmosphere – although I don’t know anyone with a space craft in their garage.

With a RRP of $50 for the SEAL-LOCK Special Emergency Repair Kit, it truly is a must for recreational and work vehicles operating remotely.

We say: Affordable and convenient
Price: From $50
From: www.seallock.com.au