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Terrain Tamer’s new Parabolic Leaf Spring for Toyota Hilux

By Justin Walker, 01 Sep 2019 Suspension

Terrain Tamer Parabolic Leaf Spring Toyota Hilux released gear

Terrain Tamer adds a new Parabolic Leaf Spring for the Toyota Hilux to its extensive suspension range.

Terrain Tamer has released a new Parabolic Leaf Spring for Toyota Hilux KUN25/26 and GGN25 models.

Utilising the same impressive parabolic design as the popular spring released for Land Cruiser models in 2018, Terrain Tamer has added to its extensive existing suspension range.

Applying modern technology to a well-established idea to provide a quieter and more comfortable ride, Terrain Tamer’s parabolic design contains fewer leaves than regular leaf springs. A parabolic spring is thicker in the centre and thinner toward the ends, rather than the usual linear design.

4x4 product test: Terrain Tamer parabolic leaf springs

Eliminating the weight of often heavy, thick traditional leaf packs, the parabolic design dramatically reduces the unsprung weight of the vehicle. This design also works to help the spring remain flexible, yet still strong enough to bear the weight of heavy loads – particularly useful in 4WD applications.

The parabolic design allows the spring to compress or extend with ease, without the leaves touching each other until there is a reasonable load on the vehicle, up to 500kg.

RRP: $400
Website: www.terraintamer.com

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