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De Tomaso P72 unveiled on brand’s 60th anniversary

By Chris Thompson, 06 Jul 2019 News

De Tomaso P72 unveiled on brand’s 60th anniversary

Italian marque calls its comeback car a “modern-day time machine”

De Tomaso has returned upon its 60th anniversary to unveil a new supercar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, called the De Tomaso P72.

As a tribute to the De Tomaso P70 which was designed as a collaboration between Alejandro de Tomaso, Carroll Shelby, and Peter Brock (the GM designer, not the racer), the P72 borrows the carbon fibre chassis from the Apollo IE.

The same people who are behind the Apollo Automobil brand had a big hand in bringing back the De Tomaso brand.

De Tomaso P72 Supercar in red

“Since we acquired the brand in 2014 we have been working diligently in complete secrecy to provide the brand the justice it deserves,” says De Tomaso chair Norman Choi, who wants to remind people the brand was about more than just the Pantera supercar.

“That is to finally tell Alejandro’s story and his journey. When we embarked on the Apollo IE program we wanted to create a modern-day homage to one of our favourite eras, the GT1 days of the 90s. We felt no one would ever truly produce a car like this again so we did it ourselves.

1967 De Tomaso Mangusta

“We created the Apollo IE from a blank sheet of paper, producing a modern day car with true provenance. We are taking the same approach with Tomaso and paying homage to another one of our favourite eras, the prototype days of the ’60s.”

Though no technical details of the P72 have been revealed yet, the car’s chassis was originally built to house the Apollo IE’s naturally-aspirated V12, and footage of the De Tomaso at Goodwood would suggest that’s the case for the P72.

Only 72 will be built, with further details such as pricing yet to be announced.