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Dendrobium Automotive D-1 confirmed for production

By Chris Thompson, 11 Jul 2018 News

Initially conceived in the mid-1990s as a design concept, the Dendrobium Automotive D-1 has been confirmed for production.  Whichcar is the online home of MOTOR magazine news

Vanda Electrics’ decades-old concept now a reality

A new electric hypercar is set to become a production model, after decades of development since its original concept.

The Dendrobium Automotive D-1 was originally conceived by Singapore-based Vanda Electrics in the mid-’90s, and has most recently been shown in its latest concept form at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

But now the impressive vehicle is set to become a production car built by Dendrobium Automotive Limited, now established in the UK.

The target specs of the D-1 are set to make it worthy of the hypercar badge, too. A total output of 1340kW+ and torque set at the 2000Nm mark means even 1975kg should move pretty quickly.

CEO of Dendrobium Automotive Nigel Gordon-Stewart has formerly been involved with businesses such as Lamborghini as marketing director, Lotus Group as associate director to the board, and is arguably best known for marketing the McLaren F1.

“Dendrobium Automotive is one of the most exciting businesses I’ve ever been involved with,” Gordon-Stewart says.

“Using the very latest technology we are developing what will be the most impressive all-electric hypercar.

“We are designing our own in-house all-electric power train and we plan to use our own power storage cells moving to solid state as and when the technology is reliable and financially viable.

“We are developing unique cabling and connector systems as well as our own complete vehicle integration and ADAS hardware and software.

“From a technical perspective, the D-1 will be a British engineering tour-de-force.”

Standing in its way when it comes to outright electric performance is Rimac, creators of the ‎Rimac C Two and ‎Concept One hypercars, which  claim to hit 100km/h in around 2 seconds and 2.5 seconds respectively.