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Holden Commodore V8 stock marked up in dealers

By Daniel DeGasperi, 08 Mar 2018 News

Holden Commodore V8 stock marked up in dealers

Blowouts of over $5000 added to remaining VF Series II SS V Redline models

Holden notched up one of its worst sales performances in February with just 4689 vehicles sold, however some dealers are continuing to mark up final-ever Commodore V8 stock.

Holden may have been caught short on the switch from VF Series II Commodore stock to the new ZB Commodore arriving in showrooms, with the large car nameplate managing just 737 sales compared with double (1566) in the same month last year. But according to dealer inventory hundreds of V8-powered SS V Redlines in particular remain in stock nationwide.

It seems that some dealers are in no hurry to shift them, though, given that in New South Wales and Sydney alone the markups on remaining stock figure over $5000 above the recommended retail driveaway price. Some dealers even have remaining limited edition Motorsport, Magnum and Director models in stock, with even higher markups.

HSV has 'hundreds' of GTS & GTSR models left for sale

Holden has removed the VF Series II Commodore from its website, but prior to doing so an SS V Redline manual or automatic wore a recommended retail price (RRP) of $54,990 plus on-road costs or according to its own online calculator, in NSW, $60,144 driveaway.

One dealer in Sydney’s western suburbs has among the largest remaining stock and highest markups. It has advertised manual-equipped SS V Redline sedans for $65,990 driveaway, $5846 beyond Holden’s RRP.

Both that dealer and another NSW dealer cost up versions with an auto at $67,990 driveaway, when the original extra charge was $1700.

Another dealer, in Sydney’s north-west, fares only a little better. It has examples priced from $64,540 driveaway – $4396 above retail – but a lone Spitfire Green SS V Redline manual ute is also asking $63,990 driveaway, well over its $50,490 plus on-road costs RRP.

Almost six months after Holden closed its Elizabeth, South Australia, production facility, that dealer also has six Motorsport Edition sedans in stock, according to its online inventory, one of which is priced at $73,990 driveaway – much higher than its $61,790 plus on-roads RRP.

Another Sydney dealer is also asking the same $73,990 driveaway for one of its three remaining Motorsport Edition sedans, while a Central Coast dealer is asking a staggering $83,888 for a Director sedan.

Holden reveals limited ed Commodore build numbers

Holden director of communications Anna Betts confirmed to MOTOR that the last-produced VF Series II Commodores have left the company’s compounds and are in dealer forecourts, and she reminded outlets to do the right thing by customers.

“Holden, as a manufacturer, has no VF Commodore stock left however there is still some stock available in some dealerships,” Ms Betts said in a statement.

“We have previously reminded dealers of their obligations to ensure customers are treated in a way to maximise customer satisfaction, including when in-demand cars are involved.

“We know our dealers are as committed to their customers as we are.”

On the upside, there are deals to be found. Another Central Coast dealer will do a Spitfire Green auto-equipped SS V Redline sedan for $59,888 driveaway. Likewise, another Sydney dealer is offering an undriven demo, Red Hot auto-equipped SS V Redline for $58,796 driveaway.

But with hundreds of VF Series II Commodores remaining in stock, and the Lion brand’s market share falling dramatically so far this year, it seems that several dealers remaining unwilling to allow SS V Redline and Motorsport Edition models to help boost the total haul.

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