The ultimate house for Australian car enthusiasts is for sale again

If petrol runs through your veins, now is your chance to own one of the coolest properties in Australia.

Bathurst house at Mt Panorama

Now is your chance to own one of the coolest pieces of property in Australia.

We all know the famous Mount Panorama is a public road for the majority of the year, and there are residents who have the privilege of calling it home.

Well, now you could join that exclusive club, with the 10-acre property at 505 Conrod Straight up for sale.

Bathurst House Mount Panorama Jpg

Property on Mount Panorama doesn’t become available on a regular basis, though there has been a recent spate of sales, and this particular property was most recently sold three years ago.

Keith Tucker took over ownership of the property in 2017, following a $2.7 million sale with the previous owner Simon Montgomery (who lived at 505 Conrod for 15 years after purchasing the land in 2002 for $255,000).

Since then, he has been working with the council to get approval for new structures to be built on the property, with the green light now allowing for six new houses, a couple of machinery sheds, and two new swimming pools to be added.

“We did about 12 months of research and looked at what we could get approval for,” Tucker explains to Wheels.

“We could have put a lot more buildings on the lot than what we did.

“All up we have got approval for five new buildings, plus a new six-bedroom residence.”

The land will remain in one piece, with eight dwellings now located at the address.

This means that not only is the property a fantastic location for motorsport freaks to watch Australia’s best races, it is also is a genuine business opportunity for future buyers.

“We do a lot of bookings through Air BnB and,” Tucker explains.

“It has basically been run as a business all year around, and we reside in one of the houses here.”

All up, the land includes roughly 160-metres that sit on the fastest piece of bitumen in Australia, allowing you and friends to stand five metres from the Bathurst 1000 field as the barrel toward The Chase at nearly 300km/h.

If you want to buy the property, expressions of interest are now open, with a price guide of $3.15 million to $3.5 million.

For this you get a six-bedroom, two- and a half-bath renovated primary residence, a free-standing one-bedroom cottage, private workshop, and a purpose-built entertaining ‘man cave’ – plus approval for the new buildings.

But just imagine how cool it will be to write down your address as 505 Conrod Straight, Bathurst, something Tucker says prompts plenty of conversation.

“It’s one of those places that people know straight away. You’ll ring up to get your car insurance renewed and tell them you live at 505 Conrod Straight and next minute it is a conversation about what it’s like to live there,” he explains.

“Even when the cops pull you up they say ‘Oh, you live up on the Mountain, what’s that like?’”

If you did end up owning the property, you would have to deal with your drive-way being closed for five-weekends a year – but is that really such a problem when you will be able to have the best viewing position in the country?

You won’t be completely locked in though, with the property having under track tunnel access.

Footage of the stunning property was shot by Hagney Sky High Aerial Footage, and the ‘want’ is very real.


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