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Upsetting the opinion applecart and the era of the evil car industry

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Andy, Scott and Dan are reunited in the WCW studio to discuss the hottest motoring topics and those subjects definitely don’t include anything about Porsche. Even if they did, there wouldn’t be anything about any of its cars and certainly nothing about anything new that no one has driven yet.

What they are allowed to talk about are our favourite moments we have gone against the grain and harboured opinions that oppose the mainstream lexicon.

Would you think Andy is a Defender kind of guy, or vehemently opposed to the hardworking Pommy Landie? Which Mustang would Dan buy with his own money, and surely the associate editor of Motor magazine is a man who favours the most powerful variant of any car... right? Tune in to find out.

Later, the boys turn to the dark side of car makers and an apparent increase in unsavoury deeds from within company walls. Are the occurrences happening more often than ever, or is it the same amount of misbehaviour and people are more likely to blow the whistle in this era?

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