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WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 41 now live

By WhichCar Staff, 07 Dec 2019 Podcast

WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 41 now live

Tesla’s what the truck, Andy goes Mmm in South Africa and our most memorable motoring marathons

The founder members regroup in the WhichCar Weekly studio to discuss which far-flung corners of the globe they have been. In the case of Dan and Scott, it’s Oakleigh, but Andy is regaling tales of places that are abbreviated to SA.

After narrowly avoiding any encounters with sharks in South Australia, Wheels deputy editor Enright has been razzing BMWs in South Africa including the current M3 and M4, but it’s the classics he encountered that are really worth chatting about.

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He also explains why it’s not a great idea to hit the race track after dark and why the local organisers don’t seem to agree.

Next, the WCW team attempt to unravel the mystery of the Cybertruck. Massive failure waiting to happen or genius that we are all waiting to realise? It’s hard to believe the car that was revealed by leader Musk will actually eventuate as a production model, but if any car maker can pull off the elaborate marketing stunt, it’s probably Tesla.

In other news, some Americans set a new record driving from New York to Los Angeles breaking more road laws than we can count in the process.

It got the boys thinking about their most memorable motoring epics whether it be sheer distance covered in a day or a puerile speed challenge that was contested for a whole year at university. Click download to get the details.

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