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WhichCar Weekly podcast episode 61 now live

By Daniel Gardner, 11 Jul 2020 Podcast

Cannonball record

Making EVs pay their way, and the record attempt that’s keeping oil giants in business

It’s not the first time by any means that the WhichCar Weekly team has discussed electric cars and their feasibility for Australia, but the zero-emissions movement is gathering pace and the various state and federal governments have no choice but to get involved.

However, while the latest high-profile announcements appear to suggest our nation is finally joining the rest of the civilised world and making EVs easier to buy and run, the reality is sadly not quite there yet.

On this week’s chat Wheels online editor Cam returns to the WCW virtual studio to talk about the NSW government’s latest EV plans and how they still intend to claim your pound of flesh even if you are helping the environment.

Next up, we go from ways to use less petrol, to possibly the best way to use as much fossil fuel in the shortest space of time and Cam’s latest update on the incredible (possibly incredibly stupid) Cannonball Run.

Read the full story here: Cannonball record smashed
Just when you thought the carefully organised and surgically choreographed attempts to smash this trans-US speed trip couldn’t be broken, someone weighs in with the equivalent of a rusty sledgehammer and bludgeons the top time to death. And we haven’t even got to the best parts yet.

Andy, Dan and Cam need little encouragement to chat about their favourite epic car trips, so that’s exactly what they do next, as well as offering some suggestions for cars that could threaten the new Cannonball run record. Click play to listen in.

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