Icom’s UHF CB Series: Built to Last

If you need to stay connected, Icom has you covered with a range of UHF CB Radios.

Icom UHF CB Series range

The tried and tested range of Icom UHF CB Radios will provide you with reliable communications in even the most extreme conditions. Proudly made in Japan for more than 50 years, Icom continue to be pioneers in innovative radio design and manufacture. All Icom UHF CB radios come with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Icoms Ic 41 Pro Jpg


The Icom IC-41PRO portable UHF CB transceiver continues to provide users with a rugged communication tool through many adventures across Australia. Whether you’re embarking on a family adventure in the 4WD or trekking across the high-country with a group, the IC-41PRO won’t let you down.

The build quality of the radio is unsurpassed, it is completely dustproof and waterproof ensuring any drops unexpected plunges won’t spell disaster.

The IC-41PRO has a host of features for such a compact radio, the in-built scrambler allows groups to keep communications private and the power-save feature will ensure the maximum usage time between charges, with a typical 18 hours of operating time. The IC-41PRO has selectable output power (5 Watts and 1 Watt).

The IC-41PRO is $415.14 RRP, to find out more visit www.icom.net.au or email sales@icom.net.au

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The Icom IC-450 is perfect for anyone hitting the roads around Australia. The radio has been specifically designed for installation in modern vehicles where dashboard space is at a premium and drilling holes just isn’t an option. The radio is entirely controlled from the compact handheld controller with integrated speaker.

The IC-450 comes complete with a 2.5 metre extension cable which allows the main radio to be housed under a seat or beneath the dashboard, allowing the controller to be stored in the centre console. Safety was a paramount consideration when designing the IC-450, the voice guidance allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road and the voice recorder will ensure you never miss that important message about a hazard ahead.

Road noise within the cabin can make communications tricky; the Noise Cancelling Microphone and facility for external speaker means that you can hear and be heard much clearer. The inbuilt DC to DC converter will automatically switch between 12Vdc and 24Vdc if you are running dual systems or installing the radio in a truck.

The IC-450 is $503.78 RRP, to find out more visit www.icom.net.au or email sales@icom.net.au.

Icoms Ic 410 Pro Jpg


The Icom IC-410PRO is built for the extreme. It has a die-cast aluminium chassis and heavy-duty heat sink; the radio has been designed to MIL Spec and has been tested against strict and extreme environmental conditions.

This UHF CB is directly based on an Icom commercial transceiver, so you can rest assured it’s not only reliable, but it also offers high levels of technical performance. The IC-410PRO is capable of 25 Watts output (with licenced commercial frequencies only) making it ideal for the commercial user needing a radio with their own channel and access to UHF CB channels.

The IC-410PRO is $482.46., to find out more visit www.icom.net.au or email sales@icom.net.au.


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