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Redarc BCDC1250D battery charger: Christmas gift ideas

By 4X4 Australia staff, 12 Dec 2018 Sponsored

Redarc’s new 50A battery charger would fit nicely in our Christmas stocking.

Redarc BCDC1250D battery charger Christmas gift idea feature

REDARC’S latest addition to its repertoire is the BCDC1250D, a 12-volt 50A in-vehicle DC to DC battery charger.

The Australian-made unit – it’s also Australian developed, engineered and tested – is perfect for dual battery systems that feature modern alternators with varying outputs, and the 1250D can charge from solar to DC inputs simultaneously. A ‘Green Power Priority’ setting means the unit automatically selects solar charging first, to lessen the load on the alternator.

The unit, suitable for 12- or 24-volt vehicle systems, also works with standard or variable/smart alternators, and it is compatible with AGM, Gel, standard lead acid, Calcium and LiFeP04 batteries.

The unit has been developed to provide a higher current output and features an additional charging stage known as SoftStart. It also features SmartStart tech.

As a reminder, the red racing stripe planted on the top of the unit indicates that this is a top-of-the-range system.

RRP: $777.56