VIDEO: MSA 4X4 Accessories’ product range

We chat to MSA 4X4 Accessories’ Shane Miles.

MSA 4X4 Accessories’ Explorer Aluminium Drawer System main

MSA 4X4 Accessories’ Explorer Aluminium Drawer System was launched recently, so we took the opportunity to chat with MSA’s founder Shane Miles and take a look at some of the company’s newest products.

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Shane Miles and his wife Michelle established MSA 4X4 Accessories back at the start of the millennium (back then it was called Michelle’s Sacs Australia).

MSA 4X4 Accessories’ Explorer Aluminium Drawer System“My wife Michelle and I were driving around the country and we just needed canvas storage products. I had great ideas, Michelle could sew, so we just combined it together and we released quite a wide range of canvas products,” Shane told us.

From small beginnings, the company has grown to now include a plethora of revolutionary 4x4 kit: the DropSlide, the Water Bra, canvas seat covers with fully adjustable air lumbar support systems, and a wide range of 4WD accessories.

Before a product is released on the market, it must pass stringent safety procedures. “If it’s not safe and if it’s not compliant, it’s not released,” Shane explained. “People need to understand if you bolt an accessory or install anything onto a vehicle that is not ADR compliant, you lose the compliancy of the entire vehicle.”

MSA 4X4 Accessories’ Explorer Aluminium Drawer System with Waeco fridgeCheck out the video to witness the extensive man-hours that go into making MSA’s drawer systems, and why they’re up there with the best on the market.

What’s next? As Shane explained, there are plenty of fresh ideas on the horizon for the Australian-owned company: “There are a lot of products in the pipeline that people haven’t even thought of before.”

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