What possible thread connects the Suzuki Swift, Ford Mustang and Porsche Cayenne in this week’s episode opener? Dave and Dan explore the ‘little brother’ market to find out if there is an alternative to high-performance halos and fun-focused models that won’t leave you feeling like you are missing out.

As if that wasn’t enough driver-focused hardware for one week, Tim hits the road in Ferrari’s fastest and most powerful front-engined model to date… at a sensible speed. Caged beast or sublime GT? Robbo is going on an adventure to 110km/h and back again to find out.

And after hanging up the keys to one of Australia’s most powerful production cars, Robbo grabs a pair of the most powerful utes money can buy. What’s all the fuss about diesel V6 dual cabs and should you pay upwards of $70,000 to put one on your driveway? Robbo uses his connections in the mountain biking world to bring you the answer.

On-air: Channel Ten, May 13 (AU) / May 20 (NZ) 

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