At the pointy end of the Mercedes-AMG line-up, the GT-R represents the peak of what road-legal three-point badged cars can do and we get behind the wheel to explore the limits of its ability. But there’s no ignoring the Porsche 911-shaped elephant in the room – the one to beat for decades. Alex and Ryan introduce the arch rivals and bring you the action as it unfolds.

While elegant coupe rooflines and low-slung bodies might embody high-performance, it’s less clear why Ford has slotted the Ranger Raptor into its ‘performance’ line-up alongside more obvious models such as the Focus RS and Mustang. To answer the paradox, Scott has to leave the notion of conventional on-road performance for an altogether dustier world.

Rounding out the show this week, Matt meets 4x4 Australia editor at large Ron Moon who proves that ‘performance’ can be a much longer game. His heavily modified machine has clocked up more than 400,000km and all in his hands. Find out which corners of the globe Ron has conquered overland and what’s on the cards for his next adventure.

On-air: Channel Ten, May 19 (AU) / May 26 (NZ) 

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