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We gather the world's greatest SUVs for some high-riding heroics

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What's on WhichCar TV this week?

The world's greatest SUVs

There's no escaping it: for better or worse our future is filled with SUVs. But they needn't be boring - we've gone in search of some of the hottest sports SUVs that ride high but can equally get down low and go! 

Dawn of the age of the performance SUV

Performance SUVs used to mean dropping a huge engine into an SUV body and straight line speed but today's age of sports SUVs are purpose-designed to actually provide a rewarding drive experience. We test two of the current crop back to back. 

BMW X5M Competition drive review

BMW knows its way around a fast SUV, if the latest X5M Competition is any indication.

Electricity or fossil fuel: which is faster in an SUV? 

Just as quickly as SUVs have taken hold of the automotive world, so too has electric power. We take two of Jaguar's finest SUVs to Targa to find out which is best. 

522kW in an SUV

It seems the only place you can unleash the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is indeed a racetrack. We find out what it's really like to wrangle with all that power. 

WhichCar TV Season Two Episode 22

3:30pm Sunday July 19, Channel 10 


Daniel Gardner @octanedan

Tony O'Kane @tony2000gtx

Tom Fraser @tommyfraser


For season two, we're also offering an amazing prize for our viewers. How does a trip to the Maldives sound? Pretty awesome, right? 

The competition is open NOW so make sure you tune into WhichCar TV on Channel Ten at 4pm Sunday AEDT.

And, if for some reason you can't (and it had better be a good reason!) then there's a host of ways to catch up on the show, check out behind-the-scenes stuff and find out more about the cars Aussies want to buy.

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