Xmas gifts for car-loving pets

Check out these premium products for pampering your precious pooch

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Jaguar Land Rover has perfectly timed the release of its dog-friendly pet packs for the peak of the Christmas shopping frenzy, reminding fur parents that animals are for life, not just for Christmas – unless it’s a turkey.

If you’re still after a few stocking fillers or looking to spend a little more, pet-friendly car accessories are a great way to make your furry passengers more comfortable, while protecting precious vehicle interiors.

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At the premium end of the spectrum, Land Rover’s new range of pet pampering products offer ‘five-star’ solutions to some common pet problems, starting with the Pet Transportation Pack from about $630.

The kit consists of a pet carrier cage that flat-packs when not in use, a rubber load area mat for keeping mud off your carpets, while a 350ml water bowl is specially designed to minimise spills even when the car is moving.

Spend $840 and you’ll get the special bowl plus a fitted and quilted boot liner with bumper protector that’s both comfortable for paws and protects the luggage area from dirt, while a full-height partition prevents pups from invading human quarters.

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At the top of the range, Land Rover is offering its Pet Care and Access Pack for a hefty $1550, which bundles the partition and quilted liner with a unique ramp and rinse system for the ultimate in spoilt pooches.

The fold up access ramp is perfect for helping smaller or old dogs reach the boot space – especially in high-riding Landies – and can support dogs of up to 85kg – trust us, you really don’t want to upset a dog that big.

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It’s complemented by a portable rinse system that holds 6.5 litres of water and provides five minutes of water spray for washing down grubby pets or even boots and mountain bikes.

Of course, there are gift ideas for pet owners that don’t have a Range Rover budget. It also pays to be aware that there are legal requirements for transporting pets.

Pups travelling in the back of a ute must be tethered or in a cage, and the Victorian State Government advises that dogs should not be allowed to ride with their head out of the window and definitely not in the front row.

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Why not treat Rover to a travel harness if you don’t already have one? A travel harness is very inexpensive, starting at about $15 and clips into the existing car seatbelts, and will prevent a dog leaping out of the car if the window or door is opened. It will also better protect you and your dog in the event of a crash with the more expensive versions actually crash tested.

If you own a dog that insists on having the window open, you could consider a vent or grille accessory. The folding plastic devices adjust to the window opening and allow air to circulate but prevent the dog putting its head outside. It’s great for stinky pets too.

Small dogs are more likely to suffer motion sickness if they can’t see out of a window, but a booster seat is a clever solution. The innovation straps to the rear seat and elevates more compact species of dogs to a level enabling a view out. It also prevents the dog from wandering about the cabin.

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And if you own a dog that likes to take up the entire rear seat, you should certainly consider fitting a BarksBar temporary seat cover. Options range from cheap universal products to premium offerings that are custom fitted to your car and made from top-quality materials depending on how demanding your dog is.

Whatever you choose, always remember your pet prefers to be with you and not in the car, so never leave an animal unattended in a car.


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