How to use adaptive cruise control

If your car has adaptive cruise control but you've never used it, here's a quick rundown

Adaptivecruise JPG

Adaptive cruise control is a pretty handy addition to modern cars... but we also understand that a lot of new tech can be quite confronting.

The system - tested here in Audi's RS5 Sportback allows a driver to set a speed, and the vehicle will then use a combination of cameras and sensors to ensure a gap is maintained to the vehicle in front.

2019 Audi RS5 Sportback

Audi RS5 Sportback

That gap can be adjusted to suit driving conditions, while more sophisticated systems like the one in the RS5 can actually manage the stop/start of a typical peak hour commute without the driver's intervention.

Of course, none of these systems is a substitute for aware and alert driving, but it's a great idea to at least know how the systems in your car work. After all, you paid for them!

In the video, we show how adaptive cruise control works on a highway, as well as how the adaptive cruise operates in a city. Not all cars have adaptive cruise control, of course, so be aware of what kind of cruise control you have before giving it a try in traffic.


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