Self-installing baby seat for cars

An American company behind a new robotic car seat says it takes the guess work out of keeping babies safe in cars.

Self installing child car seat

A baby car seat can be complicated to install. Even when you’ve secured it properly you have to make sure it is securely placed within the car seat and the belts are taut and remain correctly tensioned.

This leads to many car seats being fitted incorrectly, so one company has decided on a high-tech approach, which automatically adjusts, levels and tensions, leaving you to simply click the seat into place.

The 4moms self-installing car seat helps take the guess work out of installing the car seat with a “robotic” base that installs itself. Once the child seat is clicked into the ISOFIX points the seat continues monitoring its position to ensure it stays put.

Self installing car seat

This updated version works with a phone app, which scans the car’s VIN code to let you know the best place for installation in that particular vehicle. The app also uses details such as the baby’s size and weight and the incline on which the car is parked to set the most secure seating position.

The base lets you know when it is securely latched, and once the software is satisfied with the setup it lets the user click the car seat into place on top. If the base is left in the car you don’t need to reinstall again – it will just monitor itself each time to ensure levels and tensions are correct.

The seat comes with an adapter to make function with other accessories including strollers.

The whole unit costs $675 (US$499) but isn’t yet available in Australia. Other 4moms product retails here through major outlets.

Now read our guide to child car seats here or learn about how to safely seat four children in the back of your car.


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