A child seat for multiple children

Are you ready for a growing family but not quite prepared to buy a seven-seater? Well, there may be a solution coming your way.

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Your first child comes along and suddenly your life begins to change. Child car seats, child-proofing and noisy toys… Then a second arrives shortly after and before you know it, your third baby is taking up the final seat in the back of your car.

If life hasn’t changed enough, before you know it your family of five suddenly turns to six with the arrival of your fourth child. Sure, the house is already child-proofed, the kids can share a room for a few years, but the car is no longer practical. You have two choices: go to every family outing in two cars, or upgrade to a seven-seater.

Bye, bye city car, hello city bus.

But stress no more, there is another solution. Well, almost.

New innovations are continually popping up in the family-car space to make parenting easier and safer. For example, Volvo has introduced in-built booster seats available in the Volvo XC60.

But then there are the aftermarket accessories. Enter Multimac; a UK company that has come up with an innovative child car seat system that will fit three to four kids.

Five-point harness, fully adjustable heights to fit your child as they grow, headrests and baby capsule – there are a variety of sizes and options available to suit all families and cars.

“If your car has a back seat – we have a Multimac that will fit!” the company says on its website.

As an added bonus, the seat is easy to move in and out of the car – it simply sits on top of the back seat, secured by seatbelt mounting points.

Multimac haven’t said they’ll be releasing the seat in Australia, but surely we can’t miss out on something this good – we reckon this revolutionary design is going to take the parenting car-seat world by storm.

Want more options? Check out our top cars for families with four kids.


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