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Child seats explained

By Stephen Corby, 28 May 2016 Car Advice

Child seats explained

Buying an ISOFIX seat for your kids brings parental piece of mind

It’s surprising how little we worry about the safety of our cars, until children come along. The first time you strap your tiny, helpless and wondrous little baby into your vehicle is daunting, and may change the way you drive forever. 

Protecting that little bundle of joy every time you head out on the road becomes a focus that doesn’t go away as they grow older, but when it comes to making your car as safe as possible - outside of keeping it serviced and equipped with the best tyres possible, and keeping them at the proper pressures - your main job will be choosing a child seat. 

The first thing to know is that they can be fiendishly tricky to install, and thus it’s vital that you find a professional in your area who can set it up for you the first time, and show you how it’s done. 

Australians now have the option of buying ISOFIX seats, rather than the traditional seat-belt and top-tether restraints we’ve been using for years. 

Yes, ISOFIX seats are heavier and more expensive, but they are also infinitely better, thanks to the fact that they lock straight into the chassis of your vehicle and thus do away with the disturbing sideways movement you get with older designs. 

Shop around, compare the different kinds, and then buy the best ISOFIX seat you can afford. Just strapping your child into one will make you feel like a better parent.