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The best new car discounts you can get right now

By Tom Fraser, 20 May 2020 Car News

The best new car discounts you can get right now

Follow WhichCar's regularly updated new car specials list for the best new car deals

Both the car-buying public and manufacturers are finding it difficult to connect with one another at the moment.

While we all still need each other, WhichCar has taken the initiative to set up this page here to share some of the deals that manufacturers are running.

This page will be continually updated in an effort to keep on top of current deals and promotions car makers are offering in Australia.

Ford Performance ups the Ranger’s ante

This page was updated Monday 27 April 2020.

The prices shown in this story have been researched via manufacturer websites and were correct at the time of publication. This story offers no guarantee of price or ability to supply at an indicated price.

Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo's eye-catching Giulia isn't selling as well as the company hopes, so it's got a few specials on to hurry things along. The (MY19) Giulia Veloce is now $72,900 driveaway, down from $72,900 (before on-road costs).

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The diesel version of Alfa Romeo's five-seat, five-door SUV is now $67,900 driveaway, including the cool Veloce pack which brings sporty wheels and blackened trim pieces at no extra cost.

The Stelvio Ti is now $79,900 driveaway, down from $78,900 (before on-road costs)


No incentives for cash buyers are available right now but low-interest rate finance deals are available on the new A6 and A1



BMW is offering the X5 xDrive30d M Sport at $119,900 driveaway, instead of roughly $130,000 after on-road costs. Use that extra $10k+ to add in a few extra option packages, we reckon.

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3 Series

The entry-point to the much-loved 3 Series range, the 320i, is on sale for $69,900 driveaway. That’s a saving of at least a few thousand dollars, depending on your state. With a swathe of equipment as standard and a strong 2.0-litre engine why spend more? 

2020 BMW 320i White


Abarth 595

In addition to a discounted driveaway price of $28,450 (ABARTH 595) and $33,450 (ABARTH 595 COMPETIZIONE), FCA Australia is offering a $500 bonus to existing customers.

Abarth 124 Spider

The Italian MX-5 with more soul is now much cheaper than its $41,990 list price, presenting as $38,750 driveaway which looks to us like a substantial saving. 

What's it like to live with? Find out! Fiat Abarth 124 Spider long-term review



Ford’s seen fit to sell its off-road-ready Everest at a discounted price in two specifications. You can get the Everest Trend for $60,990 driveaway or the black-out special edition MY2020.25 Everest Sport for $63,990.

2019 Ford Everest Trend 4x4 TR


Ford’s newcomer to its SUV range, the family-focused Endura, is on sale in a number of guises. You can now get the FWD Endura Trend for $43,990, the FWD Endura ST-Line for $52,990 and the FWD Endura Titanium for $62,990. All prices driveaway.


This one’s entering run-out now that a new generation is inbound so bargain hard on top of these advertised prices. Escape Ambiente FWD is now $28,990 driveaway, Escape Trend FWD is $32,490 driveaway, Escape ST-Line is now $38,490 driveaway and the range-topper Escape Titanium AWD is now $44,340 driveaway.

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The EcoSport is on its way out, in favour of the much newer Puma later this year. It’s being sold for $25,590 driveaway but we’d push much harder than that as it’s an average car.


Still a fantastic car to drive and packing loads of equipment, Ford is pushing a deal on its Focus small hatch that now sees it at $27,690 driveaway in Trend guise, $31,190 driveaway in ST-Line spec and$32,190 driveaway in the rugged Focus Active specification.

Ford Focus Active

Great Wall


A lot of ute for the money, even more so now that Great Wall is offering the Steed in dual-cab 4x2 Petrol form or the single-cab 4x2 diesel for just $19,990 driveaway.


Honda is offering a number of driveway deals based on location. These prices are based on Sydney 2000


2020 Honda CR-V review

Honda is offering the CR-V with seven year warranty and roadside assist and is throwing in a free antimicrobial shield until June 30. The Vi 2WD AUTO is $30,990 driveaway and the VTi is now $33,590 driveaway. 

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Honda is offering deals on both the run-out HR-V and the incoming new-spec MY21 HR-V in VTi spec, $26,490 driveaway and $27,490 driveaway, respectively. Check the Honda website for more deals on HR-V.


The Honda Civic is a staple of the small car market, currently on offer in both hatch and sedan bodystyles. An auto VTi is now $25,390 driveaway in both shapes. Check the Honda website for more. 




Hyundai’s smallest SUV packs a convincing package and is now on sale in various guises; Venue Go ( from $22,490), Venue Active (from $24,490) and Venue Elite (from $28,990). All prices are driveaway, with manual gearbox cars being cheaper.

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2020 Hyundai Venue Range Review


A step up in terms of size and spec, the Kona is now $25,990 driveaway for the automatic Go and $27,990 for the automatic Active.


Current-gen mid-size SUV hero is winding down while its replacement is readying up, which is good news for buyers as prices are low across the range. Tucson Active starts from $28,990 driveaway and Tucson Active X starts from $31,990 driveaway. A number of cashback offers are available across the rest of the range including Tucson Elite and Tucson Highlander.

hyundai tucson

Santa Fe

Spend $44,490 and you could be driving away in a 2WD petrol Santa Fe Active, spend $4000 more to upgrade to a diesel engine and all-wheel drive.


There’s not much to dislike about an i30, with sales across the board there’s more reason to buy one now than ever. It’s now $23,240 for the i30 Go automatic, i30 Active is $25,240 in automatic trim and a base model i30 Go manual is $20,990. All prices driveaway, visit Hyundai’s website for more deals and information.


Another car on its way out in favour of a new-generation is the Elantra which is now $20,990 for Elantra Go manual, $23,240 for Go auto and $26,240 for Active auto.



The D-Max’s hard-earned reputation is now more affordable across the range, with a number of crew-cab and single-cab chassis models on offer, as well as the X-Rider special edition which is now $39,990 driveaway.

A D-Max 4x4 LS-M crew cab automatic is now $43,990 driveaway, a D-Max 4x4 LS-T auto is now $51,990 driveaway and a 4x2 single cab SX manual is now $26,990 driveaway. Plenty more offers are available on the D-Max so head to their website or dealership to find out more.

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The D-Max’s seven-seater stablemate, a bunch of deals are available for the MU-X  too. From the $40,990 driveaway MU-X 4X2 LS-M automatic to the $54,990 MU-X 4X4 LS-T auto, a number of discounted prices are available across the range

2020 Isuzu D-Max review


E-Pace – Jaguar’s SUV to the masses is available in a special edition right now, $65,990 for the Chequered Flag E-Pace

F-Pace – Savings available equivalent to the cost of GST selected F-Pace models, speak to your dealership for more information

I-Pace – Savings available equivalent to the cost of GST selected I-Pace models, speak to your dealership for more information

F-Type – Savings available equivalent to the cost of GST selected F-Type models, speak to your dealership for more information

XE – Savings available equivalent to the cost of GST selected XE models, speak to your dealership for more information

XF – Savings available equivalent to the cost of GST selected XF models, speak to your dealership for more information 



Kicking off a range of discounted Jeeps is the littlest Compass that could, which now costs $28,950 driveaway, and the Compass Limited (with optional free diesel) which now costs $42,950 driveaway. Both cars are MY18 plated.


MY18 Cherokee Limited now costs $44,450 driveway. Additionally, current Jeep owners are rewarded with $1000 off selected Jeeps.



Kia’s seven seat wonder is now selling for $49,190 in special Black edition guise, with finance deals also offered for Sorento GT-Line and the rest of the range.

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The Sportage is a great mid-size SUV for the money despite its age, the fact that the Sportage SX Petrol automatic is now $32,690 driveaway is icing on the cake.

Cerato hatch and sedan

Both body styles are now available for $23,190 driveaway in Sport manual form.

2019 Kia Cerato Sport Hatch quick review feature


Finance deals are available across the range, so talk to your dealer to secure a better rate on Stinger.


GT-Line manual now just $17,190 driveaway, there’s a reason the Picanto has survived so long in a shrinking market.


Kia’s old faithful is now just $19,190 driveaway for the Rio Sport manual.

Land Rover

Savings equal to the cost of GST are offered on the entire Land Rover range, speak to your dealership to find out more 



2018 Mazda BT-50 GT review: Wheels Ute Megatest 6th

Still in the fight, but ultimately overshadowed by its high-flying fraternal twin. You can nab a high-spec dual-cab BT-50 4x4 Boss for $54,990 driveaway, a 4x4 XTR spec for $38,990 driveway or a 4x2 XT with tray for $30,840. Check Mazda's website for the full range of discounts. 

Mazda BT-50 range review

Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 looks good, feels nice inside, and is more fun to drive than most city cars. It's now available at $21,990 driveaway for a Pure spec hatch, or a GT spec costs $26,990 driveaway in sedan or hatch body styles.

Mazda 6

Mazda 6 sedan

Just because the market is no longer interested in sedans doesn't mean you can't like them! The venerable Mazda 6 Sport is now available with free on-road costs at $33,990 driveaway.


Sharp pricing for a small SUV is crucial to keep market share these days, what with the segment gradually increasing in size throughout 2020. The CX-3 Neo Sport is $23,990 driveaway and the Maxx Sport is now $26,490 driveway. 


Segment hero CX-5 is on-sale in a number of guises. Front-wheel drive Maxx is now $32,990 driveway, all-wheel drive Touring automatic is now $43,990 driveway and range hero Akera AWD turbo petrol is now $51,240 driveway. Check the site for the full range of discounts. 

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New-faced Triton is discounted, from the entry-level $24,990 4x2 GLX cab chassis manual to the big boy Triton GSR 4x4 dual-cab auto for $54,990.

2019 Mitsubishi GLX+ crew cab


Mitsubishi no doubt frantically trying to offload pre-facelift Mirages before the new cars start rolling in, like the $16,990 driveaway ES automatic.


Ridiculously old but no less capable, the Pajero is now $50,490 driveaway for the GLX, $57,490 driveaway for the GLS and $59,490 driveaway for a leather-equipped GLS.

Read more about the 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero here

Pajero Sport

Various deals available on the off-road capable Pajero Sport, starting out at $45,990 driveaway for the 4x4 GLS automatic five-seater right up to the Pajero Sport EXCEED 4x4 seven-seater for $59,990.

Eclipse Cross

A quiet achiever of Mitsubishi’s, the Eclipse Cross is now starting at $28,990 driveaway for an ES 2WD auto but we’d opt for the more affordable ASX.


Recently refreshed ASX (below) now starts at $24,990 driveaway for an ES 2WD manual, moving up toward the ASX EXCEED for $35,990 driveway. Check the website for deals on the rest of the range.

2020 Mitsubishi ASX



Range hero Navara N-Trek Warrior is on sale from $63,990 driveaway for a manual and add $2500 for an auto. A number of other Navaras are on sale for ABN buyers; check the Nissan website for a full rundown.


If there is one thing that could help EV reputations it’s a lower price. Thankfully Nissan is offering a 40kWh Leaf for $53,190 driveaway.

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Grand sale on the Nissan Qashqai, now listed at $35,990 driveaway for a 2WD N-Sport trim or a $26,990 for 2WD manual ST on the lower end of the scale. Check the Nissan website for deals on more Qashqais.


Nissan’s selling the ST-L 4WD X-Trail for $40,490 driveaway, the X-Trail 4WD Ti for $44,490 driveaway. Check the Nissan website for deals on more X-Trails.

Nissan X-Trail dash


Current model Jukes are being sold from $23,490 for a 2WD 1.2-litre manual ST right up to an automatic Juke Nismo for $37,990.



Nothing says hot hatch quite like a Megane RS, which is now selling for a discounted $45,990 driveaway for a manual Sport chassis or $48,990 driveaway for a manual Cup chassis.


The flair-filled Koleos mid-size SUV is now selling for a $31,990 driveaway for a Koleos Life, $35,990 driveaway for Koleos Zen and $42,990 for Koleos Intens 2WD (upgrade to all-wheel drive for an extra $2500).

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Discounted Kadjar starts at $31,490 for the Kadjar life, $34,490 for the Kadjar Zen and topping off with the $39,490 for the Kadjar Intens. We’d opt for the (very) slightly more expensive Koleos at each spec-point owing to its extra room.



Suzuki is selling a number of its 2019-plated cars at a discounted rate, like the $15,990 Baleno GL manual.


Small car favourite, Swift is on sale from $17,690 for a GL Navi manual.

Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo long-term review


Vitara is a genuinely nice driving car at a great price. Don’t blink on these deals; $25,490 driveaway for an automatic, $27,490 driveaway for the Shadow edition or $30,490 for a turbocharged Vitara.

Suzuki Vitara


It mightn’t have the prettiest face in the game but there’s lots to love about the turbocharged engine found in the S-Cross, which now starts at $27,490 for an automatic or $28,740 for the Urban edition.



It seems like Toyota does not need help selling the consistently-best-selling Hilux but here we are with a number of discounts across the range.

You can now get a Hilux SR5 4x4 auto dual-cab for $54,990 driveaway, a Hilux Workmate 4x2 cab chassis manual for $30,990 and a Hilux SR 4x4 dual-cab auto for $47,990 driveaway.

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Toyota’s offering a special finance rate on for the Hiace, check the Toyota website for more


Toyota’s offering a special finance rate on for the Corolla, check the Toyota website for more

2018 Toyota Corolla hatchback


The funky C-HR is a legendary bit of kit and a great drive, although is a little small. Luckily it’s on sale for $31,990 driveaway in 2WD auto guise.


The Kluger seven-seater is a very well-respected tourer for seven people. It’s now in run-out owing to an incoming successor and this sees it at $42,990 driveaway for GX 2WD and $4000 extra for AWD, the 2WD GXL is now $53,990 driveaway plus $4000 for AWD and the range-topping Grande 2WD is $63,990 driveaway plus $4000 for AWD.

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Unloved SUV of the Toyota range, Toyota is selling GX, GXL and Crusade Fortuners for $48,990, $52,990 and $59,990 driveaway, respectively.



For the month of May, VW is offering the Polo GTI hatchback at a $31,990 driveaway special price. A few punters were left disappointed that the Polo GTI jumped in price when the new car came about but now's the chance to snap up the VW hot hatch at a great sticker price. 

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Golf Alltrack gets all the attention with sales this month as the petrol powered Golf Alltrack 132TSI gets a $34,990 driveaway price. 

2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 132TSI Review


Volkswagen is clearly keen to move on a couple Passats, as it's just priced the 140TSI Passat sedan and wagon at $42,990 and $44,990 driveaway, respectively.  


VW is moving on the Tiguan Allspace in 110TSI form this month, with a special $39,990 driveaway price. 

WhichCar do you live with? VW Tiguan Allspace