Bentley luxury interiors for autonomous cars

Bentley have released an illustration showing the future of autonomous cars.

Bentley Luxury Interior 1 Jpg

There’s been no shortage of self-driving car concepts over the past 12 months. From movie screens inside a car, to whacky lighting outside, there’s no doubt autonomous cars are a way of the future and each manufacturer has a slightly different take on what it should look like.

Bentley has released a single image of the interiors of a self-driving limousine concept. The image indicates the complete abolition of human controls in the autonomous vehicle, excluding all controls, including a steering wheel and even seatbelts.

The interior of the future Bentley is a model of luxury. Lacquered wood, leather and stone, face-to-face seating, holographic butler and high-definition image projections are all a part of this illustration.

In reality, we don’t expect to see this exact prototype come to life, but it’s a good indication of the level of the carmaker’s creativity and where the focus is on technology and design development.

Then again, Bentley intends to offer fully autonomous technology by 2020 so we’re probably closer to holographic butlers than we think.

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