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Jeep Grand Cherokee rises above traffic

By Anna Kantilaftas, 23 Mar 2017 Car Style

No one likes being stuck in traffic. That’s why these guys invest the Hum Rider – a Jeep Grand Cherokee, on stilts.

Jeep Cherokee Wagon

For most of us, spending hours stuck in traffic is as painful as watching grass grow, and until autonomous cars come in to full effect and we can sit comfortably in lounge-like seat, catching up on emails while being robotically chauffeured to our destination, traffic will remain a monotonous part of daily life.

It’s for that reason we were pretty excited to see this reinvention of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Watching the video above, the Jeep, called the Hum Rider, has been modified to widen its wheelbase while raising the body above traffic and drive straight over other cars stuck in gridlock.

No need to go all “Marge Simpson in a Canyonero.

The Hum River has 300 feet of hydraulic lines, powering the steering and braking, mated with a gas Honda generator which produced the electricity needed to power the hydraulic pumps which push the Jeep nine feet above the ground.

Truck tyres are fitted to the bottom of the stilts that carry the 3855kg Jeep (the standard Grand Cherokee weights 2191kg).

It clears any standard car’s roof and sides, and is fitted with cameras, which send vision to a video screen inside the car to ensure its clearance and avoid damaging other cars.

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The video shows a driver pulling up to traffic, simply pressing a button on the dash and driving straight over other cars to the front of the line, with a visibly confused looking public.

We should point out that sadly, this concept car is purely a marketing stunt created by Thinkmodo.

But still, we think it’s a brilliant idea and would take this traffic-avoidance method over a robot-controlled car, any day.

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