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The best of Australian car ads

By Tom Fraser, 16 Feb 2020 Car Style

The best all-time Australian car ads

Do you remember any of these iconic Australian car commercials?

Generally we tend to look to the rest of the world when it comes to television, but Australia has produced a tonne of entertaining car commercials over the years complete with our requisite humour, culture and colloquialisms.

Here are some of our favourites over the years.

Talk about repeated word association... This ad is probably one of the reasons why Australians hold Holden so closely to their hearts. Foot-ball, meat pies, kan-ga-roos and Holden cars! Good luck trying to get that out of your head.

Ford was desperate to compete on the world stage with its Fairlane Ghia in the 90s, likening it to the best of the world in every aspect. 

So delightfully '70s. What happened to the humble jingle?

Nissan has never been more epic than this ad. If only it could inject this kind of excitement into their range of SUVs!

Before they became fully hektik skid sleds, Calais Turbos were marketed as World Class Luxury. 

Work hard, play hard with a Holden ute.

Who can resist the 'Hey Charger' call...

This one just reminds us of what we've sacrificed with the loss of local manufacturing. Sad sign of the times. 

You might be surprised to hear the "Oh What a Feeling, Toyota" slogan was used throughout the 1980s, shown here in this Corolla ad that also features a floating robot. 

You could never get away with this kind of advertising in this day and age. 

Do you have a favourite Aussie car commercial? Let us know in the comments below.

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