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Large cars under $45K: Australia’s Best Value Cars

By James Whitbourn, 14 Nov 2016 Best Value Cars

Large cars under $45K: Australia’s Best Value Cars

Economical engines have helped large cars avoid becoming instant money pits. introducing the Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon and Skoda Superb

Economical engines have helped large cars avoid becoming instant money pits.

Holden Commodore Evoke

Although the broad view is that large cars are on the nose, the Holden Commodore remains a terrific car and a decent value proposition. The Commodore Evoke’s 3.0-litre V6 isn’t the most economical engine in the category, yet hard work by Holden ensures it uses 8.3L/100km, while mustering what was once HSV-level power (185kW) on regular unleaded.

The entry-level Commodore is well priced at $35,490, which helps in the context of a 39 percent three-year retained value. Yes, all big cars are resale shockers, but the Commodore matches the third-placed Superb and fares better than Falcon. It’s also inexpensive to insure at $866.68.

The fact that the homegrown Holden remains a top-ten seller suggests the average Australian has the nous to know a great car – and good value – when they test-drive it.

Ford Falcon Ecoboost

2016-Ford -Falcon -large -car -sideFord’s Falcon Ecoboost looks like it will take its well-kept-secret status to the grave. More economical as well as quicker than a six-cylinder version, the turbo four-pot Falcon has the stuff to save fuel-money and a convenient 12-month service interval.

Skoda Superb 162 TSI

2016-Skoda -Superb -large -car -sideCompetitor attrition will no doubt see the Superb’s stars rise in future analyses, and it deserves to do well, given that the official figures fail to reflect how much fuel it’s really capable of saving compared with a six-cylinder local – more like 30 percent than the official 10.


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