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4X4 Parks Guide – Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park, NSW

By Lucy Eaton, 21 Sep 2017 NSW

Levuka Rainforest 4WD Park

Levuka is a great little getaway for the entire family

WITH an abundance of facilitated campsites and views, as well as a range of challenging tracks, Levuka has so much to offer.

The Scenic Rim region is well-known for its amazing valley views and mountain ranges, and Levuka 4WD park is lucky enough to be situated on its spectacular south-western edge. Not only that, the park has an abundance of 4WD tracks that range from easy to extreme and run through rocky gullies, sticky mud holes, hill climbs and ruts.

The park is also accessible to 2WD vehicles, making it easy for families looking for a nice scenic spot to go camping for a few nights. Take the bikes for the kids, too, and they will have a ball just riding around the campsites. The four-legged children are also welcome as the park is dog-friendly, but as this is a working cattle farm it is advised to have tick protection for the dogs before and after visiting the park.

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park offroadingA central location within the park is the Playground, where everyone can have a go at trying different tracks and, like everywhere else, it’s much more fun after a bit of rain. There is a fair bit of space to park and watch the action or, if it gets the better of you, you’ll be the one rolling in the mud, having all theonlookers cheering you on.

If you want to explore the park, the choice is up to you. Upon arrival you’ll be given a welcome pack and within it a map of all the tracks. You’ll have the choice of enjoying uninterrupted views, mud holes, rainforest tracks, rocky tracks or hill climbs.

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park CampingEach track is rated, and it’s stipulated that the ratings will change dramatically once there has been a bit of rain. One thing that makes it easier is that most tracks are one-way, so you don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic – once in the rainforest, there is no room to pull over.

If you like exploring, there’s a small waterfall within the rainforest that’s not too far away. To reach it, pull over to the side of the track and you’ll clearly see a trodden path to follow.

The Rock ’n’ Roll Gully can do some serious damage to your vehicle, so it’s best if someone jumps out and guides you through. You don’t want to be changing a CV on this little track, that’s for sure. It’s an exciting track to do, however, with a very tight left-hander that requires an almost eight-point turn to get between the two trees either side of the track – and once through, there’s a giant hill climb!

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park drivingIf you’re after a challenge then Havoc’s Crossing is a doozy, especially if there’s been a bit of rain. It doesn’t look like much once you’re in there, but you’re among the trees in the mud and it’s a steep decline to a tight left-hand turn before punching straight up the hill. Having no space for a run-up at the bottom throws a spanner in the works, but if you have a winch and a locker you’ll get up with no problems.

Once the day’s driving is done, head back to camp and grab yourself a hot shower. The amenities at Levuka are well-maintained – how good is it to jump in a shower at a campsite that still has hot water left? Choose your time wisely when you go as you may end up queuing with everyone else, but it’s the smallest of luxuries that make a camping trip just that little bit more enjoyable.

Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park campsiteLevuka is one of the smaller 4WD parks we’ve been to and you find yourself completing the map quicker than anticipated, but it has a lot to offer both beginners and experienced drivers.

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During the school holidays (Easter, especially) helicopter flights are available, and the park puts on a spectacular fireworks display on the last night of the Easter long weekend. By setting up camp at the entrance of the park, we had front row seats and an uninterrupted view of the fireworks – it was the best way to top off a great weekend.

If you’ve been putting off a trip to Levuka... just do it! It’s a great little getaway for the entire family.


Levuka is situated on the south-western edge of the Scenic Rim, in Urbenville, NSW.

Levuka has a low-density camping policy, so that even on the busiest of weekends and school holidays campers can enjoy their space without camping on top of one another.

What’s on offer
Dogs allowed
Firewood for sale
Toilets and showers spread evenly throughout the campsites.

Trip Standard
The park is accessible to 2WD and 4WD vehicles. All tracks are graded on the supplied map, but the grading changes if there has been rain. The area behind the main house is off limits. Permission is required to drive the tracks around Rosemarys Track, even in the dry.

How much?
Family day rate (two adults and children under 17): $30
Weekend two-day fee (two adults or a family): $60

Urbenville, NSW, 2475
PHONE: (02) 6634-1338
EMAIL: levuka@netbay.com.au
WEB: www.levuka.com.au