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2018 Suzuki Swift Sport vs 1966 Morris Mini Cooper S: new vs used

By Chris Thompson, 11 Jun 2018 Features

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport vs 1966 Mini Cooper S new vs used feature

The power-to-weight ratio makes a comeback

If you're anything like us, you were delighted to discover that the new Suzuki Swift Sport weighs a mere 970kg, placing it back under the tonne – its ancestors would be proud.

The importance of the power-to-weight ratio, and its affect on fun factor, seems to have been lost in this time of performance SUVs. We want to see it come back.

A humble Suzuki that can put a smile on your face equal to what you'd gain from some rear-drivers is incredibly pleasant. The little Swift Sport just so happens to remind us of a car which followed a similar concept to extract maximum fun: the original Mini Cooper S. By chance, two examples that caught our eye on TradeUniqueCars.com.au were selling for $24K and $30K, right in Swift Sport territory.

Though much lighter and less powerful than the Swift (and most other cars) the Morris Mini Cooper was able to tackle the muscle of its era, proving itself in various Mini vs Mustang races which proved its cornering prowess (find them on YouTube, you can thank us later).

Classic MOTOR: 2007 Swift Sport review

Finding one in good condition is a challenge, but the benefit of choosing a Mini over a Swift is that it'll appreciate, rather than depreciate.

If you can't find a tidy example, there are plenty of people who know how to restore one for a fee, and will likely be able to up the engine's power and add some modern conveniences. For the right price, that is.

Put your money on the fun option with New vs Used

While neither will win the traffic-light GP, both present a very involved approach to driving. Who says only fast cars can be fun?

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport vs 1966 Morris Mini Cooper S
1373cc inline-4, DOHC, 16v, turbo ENGINE 1275cc inline-4, OHV, 8v
103kW @ 5500rpm POWER 57kW @ 5900rpm
230Nm @ 2500-3000rpm TORQUE 107Nm @ 3000rpm
970kg WEIGHT 650kg
7.2sec (claimed) 0-100KM/H 11.3sec (est)
$25,490 PRICE $24,000-$30,000 (used)

Classies Watch

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2006 Saleen S281 S/C - $59,500
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