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Best of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

By Chris Thompson, 09 Jul 2019 Features

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 best videos feature

Our highlight reel from this year’s Goodwood FoS gathering

Oliver Solberg: shootout in Citroen DS3 WRX

The son of rally stalwart Petter Solberg, and now accomplished driver in his own right, Oliver Solberg seems to know his weapon of choice, a DS3 rallycross car, well enough to put on a display while also besting the previous best run time.

The Goodwood YouTube channel, perhaps with some hyperbole, describes it as “the most insane hillclimb we've ever seen at Goodwood Festival of Speed.”

MOTOR review: 2019 Toyota Yaris AP4 rally car

James Deane's BMW E92 M3 drifting up the Goodwood hill

Speaking of spectacle…

Reigning Formula D champion James Dean (though it looks like 2019 might not be his year) began his run up the hill by almost immediately turning his rear tyres into clouds.

He also throws (some) caution to the wind by sticking the tail out at two rather brutal sections of the track – Molecomb corner, and ‘the wall’.

30 Years of the M3: E92 M3 Pure

Daniel Ricciardo's Renault F1 Goodwood run

With perhaps some frustration at the way his car has been performing on track, ‘our Dan’ gives the his work whip a bit of a hard time up the Duke’s driveway. But it’s not the only car he gave a thrashing.

…and his handbrake hillclimb in a Renault Megane RS Trophy-R

Renault’s new Nürburgring record-holding hot hatch (for FWD cars) is, well, a front-wheel drive car. That didn’t stop Ricciardo from getting the rear to move as much as possible during a relatively wet run up the track with some liberal handbrake application.

In other news: Megane RS Trophy-R on sale in Australia

Terry Grant's two-wheeled Jaguar F-Type hillclimb

It’s not fast, but it’s damned impressive.

This year stunt driver Grant swaps Range Rover for Jag and again tips a car all the way up the hillclimb.

Best YouTube comment award goes to user Silveral_ who wrote: “Excellent recovery drive after catching that ramp on the start line, what a numpty whoever put that there.”

Kamaz Dakar Truck drift demonstration

If there’s one thing Red Bull does well, it’s anything extreme or ridiculous. This Russian drift truck is certainly the latter.

Worthy Watch: Kamaz Dakar chases VW rally car

Lando Norris drives the McLaren M8D Can-Am in the wet

Lando Norris is a brave man. Not only is the McLaren M8D the car involved in the crash that killed its namesake, Bruce McLaren, but Norris is also driving the car within shouting distance of where that crash happened – the old Goodwood Circuit.

Instead, Norris induces wheelspin in the wet and gives the old Can-Am car a proper run up the hill.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan thrashed hard

There’s using the whole track to corner, then there’s… this.

Can you say ‘waft’?

Read more: Cullinan review

Schumacher's V10 F1 Ferrari F2004

If the sound of today’s F1 cars belting up the hill isn’t to your taste, try this quick clip of a legend’s 15-year-old V10 racer having a crack in the hands of Argentinian rally driver Luis Perez-Companc

Michael Schumacher’s 2004 ‘company car’ was the last to deliver him to a championship title.

Porsche 909 Bergspyder at Goodwood

Porsche’s lightest-ever racer looks and sounds classic and was even the inspiration for a modern recreation in the form of the Boxster Bergspyder.

The 909 Bergspyder weighs about 275kg, has a 205kW F1-based flat-eight engine, and was claimed to be able to hit 100km/h in 2.4 seconds.

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