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We recently nominated a list of our Top 50 driving roads and while we think we've covered many of the greatest routes both here in Australia and around the world, we threw the floor open to the brains trust that is the Wheels readership to see if they could add some cracking roads to that list.

Well, you didn't disappoint. Here are some of the very best of your suggestions that came as part of our #DriveAfterIso campaign.

Arequipa to Chivay, Peru

Hat tip to S.A. Kilgour on our Facebook page for this high-altitude adventure drive. The 166km route traverses the high Peruvian altiplano.

“The roads are well maintained and you ascend to 4500m,” says Mr Kilgour. “There are long straights (no police around), curves, views of volcanoes, and herds of vicuñas grazing by the roadside.”

It all sounds quite idyllic and then you see images of the road. It loops lazily around the contours of the land, throwing in the odd well-sighted hairpin to keep things entertaining and there's nobody there. It's mapped on Google Street View, so dive in and take a look. Definitely one for the bucket list.

Cudlee Creek Road, South Australia

We nominated Gorge Road as one of our top 50, but Facebook user Andrew Ogar reckons there's something even better in the immediate vicinity.

Nip off Gorge Road just south of the Millbrook Reservoir and you'll find Cudlee Creek Road.

The route is pretty short and sweet, covering 11km down to Lobethal, and is a lovely touring road if you like open, flowing sweepers rather than white-knuckle hairpins.

Killarney Gap Road, NSW

Set the nav to start at Narrabri and finish 108km later in Bingara and you're in for some fun.

This route, which starts about 150km due west of Coffs Harbour, is probably at its best up near Sawn Rocks, where it suddenly gets very twisty indeed at the top end of Mount Kaputar National Park.

Lightly trafficked and opening up into some expansive scenery along the way, this would be a great route for a car that's both lithe and has some legs.

A Porsche 911 Carrera T would be perfect. Thanks to Rick Patterson for unearthing this gem.

Sorell to Swansea, Tasmania

We couldn't pick a favourite road in Tasmania, because having sampled a lot of the local fare, it's hard to find a bad road on the Apple Isle.

Reader Simon Tarte has a specific pick though and it's the south-east coast route from Sorell to Swansea.

This 111km route starts just east of Hobart and finishes at Swansea, the gateway to the Freycinet National Park.

The Tasman Highway (A3) starts by pitching inland into the Mount Morrison hills and then descends to Spring Bay at Orford, before trending north to eventually hug the shore approaching Swansea.

It's got a bit of everything, so we can see why you'd love it.

Loop of the Old Country

D.K. Waynard popped up on Alex Inwood's Instagram page with this monster drive.

“Top of my list is the drive from Torquay (UK) west to Land’s End, then northwards to Manchester via Tintagel, Bath, Cardiff and eastern Wales. Then just for good measure keep going up to Inverness in Scotland, and back down via Edinburgh and York. Best drive ever.”

It's certainly one with a ton of variety, from the tight country roads of Devon and Cornwall to the hill roads of Wales, across the Lancashire moors and up to the Great Glen of Scotland. And then back via the east coast. You'd need to budget some time for this one.

Honister Pass, Lake District, UK

Steve Dwight left these fair shores in 2018 for Europe, eventually landing a job in the UK that gave him the opportunity to do a fair bit of driving.

His pick? The Honister Pass in the Lake District and, specifically, in a Ford Fiesta ST. Having subsequently driven the feisty Fiesta, we can see where he's coming from.

Think of the Honister as the polar opposite of the Cudlee Creek Road posted earlier. It's so narrow that it makes a Fiesta look large and you'll need to give the three-pot Ford everything up the 1 in 4 (25 percent) gradients. Another thing to consider: the pass here also holds the UK's 24hr rainfall record, so probably best to leave anything with Cup tyres at home.

The Grand Ridge Road, Victoria

Cristina Baccino's favourite drive route mixes the rough and the smooth.

The northern part of the Grand Ridge Road, from Warragul South across the Mount Worth State Park to Mirboo North is 48km of twists and turns that mixes beautiful open hilltop scenery of the Strzelecki Ranges with deep forest hairpins.

It's bitumen for half of the route but throws in sections of dirt to keep you on your toes. Her perfect car for the job?  “Probably a Toyota 86.”

Think you know better? Hit up the comments to give us something to look forward to and that we can #driveafteriso


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