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How to build a sim racing rig

By Tony O’Kane, 07 Jun 2020 Features

sim racing rig

Want to get your virtual racing fix? Here’s two ways into sim racing on very different budgets

Keen to make a start in the world of simulated motorsport? The array of gear out there is mind-boggling at all ends of the price spectrum, but we’ve distilled it down to help you make an informed choice.

We have broken it down, so you can choose between an affordable entry-level kit, or for the really keen, a high-end system used by professionals.

racing sim rig

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Oh, and we’ve got you covered for what games to get as well!

Regardless of whether your pockets are stuffed with cash or filled with lint, here’s the gear you’ll need to start smoking electronic rubber.



Sticking to a gaming console eliminates much of the cost and complexity of a PC-based set-up, and the Xbox One S has a commendable spread of driving sims to choose from.

racing sim wheel & pedals

Pair it with a Logitech G920 force-feedback wheel and pedal set, and a wheel stand to bolt it to.

Sit on your couch, plug it all into your TV and presto – you’re sim racing for minimal dosh!

  • Xbox One S $379
  • Logitech G920 $499
  • Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Lite $199.
  • TOTAL: $1077

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The more money you spend, the more realistic virtual racing becomes.

racing sim rig

Case in point: the Simworx SX02Msport Predator. Sure, it costs as much as a Toyota Corolla, but it comes with everything you need to get sim racing – screens, a beast PC, wheel, seat… the lot.

With VR and motion platform options, the only way it could get more real is if you set up an incense burner nearby with Brembo fragrance.

In case you were wondering, this is exactly what the professionals use (the set-up; not the incense).

  • Simworx SX02Msport Predator $25,900

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sim racing rig

What to play?

Supercars, TCR and NASCAR all run their virtual races on iRacing, a full-fidelity motorsport simulator with a Himalayan learning curve.

Not only is it coded to be as realistic as possible, it’s a regulated, subscription-based service, so you’ll only ever be playing against other die-hard racers.

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For a solo experience, Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione are other high-def racing sims that are worth your time and money – and both crucially contain Mount Panorama in their track rosters.

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