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Highball's fifth Melbourne Cars and Coffee: Gallery

By Scott Newman, 10 Feb 2020 Features

Melbourne Cars and Coffee gallery feature

A smorgasbord of rare, exotic, and classic cars

Cars and coffee seem to go together like movies and popcorn, wine and cheese or cricket and summer.

The popularity of meets combining these two popular but disparate elements has exploded over the last decade or so and the concept has caught on quickly in Australia.

Melbourne’s Highball Motor Club puts on one of the finest shows around. In only its fifth running the level of machinery present is simply jaw-dropping, encompassing every niche and variety of vehicle.

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The best thing about these meets is the variety. Most car shows concentrate on a certain era, make or model, but the open-slather nature of Cars and Coffee breaks down borders and the sheer array of cars is breathtaking.

Old or new, expensive or budget, any nationality, all are welcomed and celebrated. It’s also truly incredible how many special cars are lurking in Australian cities. The gallery above shows just a small percentage of the cars that attended, primarily intended to highlight the diversity.

The biggest problem with the fifth Highball Cars and Coffee is that is risks becoming a victim of its own success. Bosch’s carpark, which hosts the event, was overflowing in short order resulting in some creative parking solutions.

Thankfully, vehicle turnover is relatively quick so you’re not waiting too long, but then you risk missing an absolute gem, such as the mint condition black Mitsubishi Sigma GSR that left just prior to our arrival. Nevertheless, there was still plenty to enjoy.

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