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Performance Car Podcast: Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint

By Scott Newman, 26 Jul 2017 Performance Car Podcast

DC and SN are joined by a very special guest in the final V8 Falcon

Performance Car Podcast Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint cover

Welcome to a special edition of the Performance Car Podcast.

For our latest episode Editor Dylan Campbell and Associate Editor Scott Newman are joined by Justin Capicchiano from Ford Australia, who was the program manager for the Ford Falcon XR Sprints. As such, he led the team responsible for the final fast Falcons and kindly agreed to discuss all things Sprint with us.

As you'd hope, our studio for this episode is a Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint, generously provided by MOTOR reader Norm Ackland, who will appear in our next podcast to discuss all things Falcon from an enthusiasts' perspective. 

Unfortunately, as mentioned at the beginning of the video a memory card malfunction deleted the first six minutes or so from the main GoPro, so we've substituted behind-the-scenes footage of the Falcon Sprints in action from the MOTOR archives to keep you entertained.

Our sincere apologies for this, but we hope you stick with it as it's a great episode with plenty of entertaining insight from someone who doesn't just talk or write about cars but actually builds them!

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