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Peter Brock at his finest at Mount Panorama

By Cameron Kirby, 07 Sep 2016 Features

Peter Brock at his finest at Mount Panorama

Revel in the King of the Mountain’s wild lap during the 1991 Bathurst Top 10 Shootout

PETER Brock had some unbelievable moments at Mount Panorama during his career. Choosing from them to pick just one would be nigh on impossible.

From his incredible performance in an A9X Torana, to numerous awe-inspiring moments in wet conditions, Brock was a delight to watch whenever he tackled Australia’s toughest track.

Love him or hate him, there are few people who could deny the nine-time Bathurst 1000 winner wasn’t the true master of Mount Panorama.

With the 10th anniversary of his passing this Thursday, September 8, it is timely to go back and remember why Brock is remembered so fondly.

Aside from his peerless class when dealing with fans, Brock was a brilliant driver, and that is the core of what made him great.

One of our favourites here at the Wheels office is Brocky’s qualifying lap from the Top 10 Shootout for the 1991 Bathurst 1000.

What makes this lap so awesome isn’t Brocks speed – in fact he didn’t even end up qualifying in the top five – it is the manner in which he wheels his Group A VN Commodore around The Mountain.

It is a perfect example of just how good Brock was at the track, with the car dancing on the very edge for the full lap.

The car is sliding around, and three-wheeling through corners, along with a monumental slide through McPhillamy Park.

But Brocky had an easy explanation for that particularly wild moment.

“What happened is I had the brakes adjusted for a full tank of petrol, and foolishly as I touched the brakes it went and oversteered,” he said nonchalantly, as if he didn’t just have a moment which would have put most men into the wall.

And as for the roaring crowd?

“They loved it because I kept the pedal to the metal. I drove out of there and thought ‘not bad’”

Not bad indeed!