The worst supercar shunts to make you cringe

More proof that money doesn’t buy talent, or sense

The worst supercar shunts to make you cringe

SUPERCARS are some of the most finely-crafted vehicles on our roads, put together by master mechanics and something to be adored.

Unfortunately, those that end up owning supercars (or, let’s be serious, having high-interest leases), don’t always have the utmost respect for these vehicles.

So, because we are suckers for some cringe, we have compiled a list of the worst supercar shunts caught on film. Prepare for bent egos, shattered carbon-fibre, and some big-dollar repair bills.

Lamborghini Aventador sideswipe 

Here is your friendly reminder to not drive like a tool, and also make sure you don’t turn across oncoming traffic travelling at high speeds. The truncated view means it’s hard to see which driver is more at fault here, but either way it ended with a Lamborghini getting airborne and suffering some serious damage.

Porsche 918 – shirtless and clueless 

This brief clip shows why it’s smart not to show off when you have a bunch of cameras pointed at you, and one of the world’s quickest Porsche powertrains under your right foot. Here we see the typical shirtless buffoon attempting to big-note himself, and instead binning a multi-million dollar Porsche in a hedge. What an A-grade dolt.

Ferrari Enzo comedy of errors 

Thankfully for most people on this list, their names will forever remain anonymous, so the embarrassment of crashing one of the world’s finest driving machines won’t follow them around. Comedian and actor Eddie Griffin doesn’t have that luxury after footage emerged of him head-butting a concrete barrier in a Ferrari Enzo. The car was eventually repaired, but it’ll take some serious eye-bleach to get the image of the torn-up Fezza out of our minds.

Bugatti Veyron makes a splash

Crashing a Bugatti Veyron is bad enough. Doing it on purpose as part of an insurance scam? Well, you deserve everything you get. Which is exactly what happened to exotic-car salvage yard owner, Andy House, after he steered his Veyron into a lake. House was sentenced to a year and day in prison for his crime against automotive decency (it was actually insurance fraud). House tried to claim he saw a “low-flying pelican” before he entered the lake, but unfortunately for him some car-savvy onlookers were videoing the exotic hypercar from the highway at the time of the incident, unravelling his BS story.

BMW M4 takes a bow

This really wouldn’t be a list of expensive cars getting binned without a Cars and Coffee exit being featured. We will admit that the M4 is definitely not supercar material, but we just had to add it for the truly terrible driving. Cars and Coffee meets have earned a reputation for a level of driving that causes your palm to involuntarily meet your face at a rapid rate.

Ferrari California test fail

Look, crashing your own car is one thing. If you own it and it’s your money, then go for gold. But here we have a frat-bro at the helm of a Ferrari California, on a test drive. Yes, he doesn’t even own the thing. With a mate perched in the back, and someone from the dealership riding shotgun, he still manages to careen into a concrete fence. We don’t think he’ll be adding a Fezza to his garage anytime soon after this.


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