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Bush Cooking with Roothy: Scotch eggs

By John Rooth, 12 Aug 2016 Bush Cooking

Kick-start your bush adventure with some tasty Scotch eggs.

Bush Cooking with Roothy: Scotch eggs

IT’S SAID breakfast is the most important meal, so why not start your day with a dead-set cracker of a dish.

Scotch eggs are easy to make, delicious and filling – the perfect campsite cuisine.

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Before you arrive at your campsite, make sure you’ve packed a few snags in the old Engel.

Any type of sausage will do the trick, and Roothy’s gone with a pork and rosemary snag for this video.

Sausage meat works because it’s finely ground and sticky, which means it will hold its form and won’t (shouldn’t) fall apart when surrounding an egg.

The best technique is to cut an end off one of the snags and squeeze all of the innards out – making sure none of the skin finds its way onto the plate.

Whip out some pre-prepared, de-shelled boiled eggs and coat them with a layer of snag meat.

Roll the egg/sausage meat combo into a ball and coat them with corn-flake crumbs.

Throw them in a frying pan filled with some oil and they’ll be ready in next to no time.

Roothy even provides a free history lesson in this vid, explaining how the Scots made their way south to escape the economic problems of their homeland.

Most of them were skilled tradies, unlike the convicts that hailed from Ireland.

This dish takes less than 10 minutes from go-to-whoa and is the perfect way to kick off a day on the tracks.

It sure beats paying $20 for the same dish at a local brunch establishment!

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