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By Tristan Tancredi, 01 Jan 2017 Gear


We put plenty of gear under the microscope in 2016 and we've picked out the best of the best to highlight here

With a booming aftermarket industry that’s full of new and exciting 4x4 products, 2016 saw a swag full of gear land on our desks for dissection.

Every 4X4 Australia issue was packed full of product tests, as well as gear comparisons, to ensure our readers had the necessary knowledge when buying gear for their rigs.

Here are the five most-popular product tests and gear comparisons of 2016.

1: Product test: FYRLYT 9000 Nemesis 

Mark Allen rigged up a set of FYRLYT’s 900 Nemesis halogens to his Cruiser’s bullbar and set off into the night. With each light packing a 250W globe, can this old tech keep up with modern HIDs and LEDs? 

2: Dual battery systems explained 

Any serious remote-area traveller knows the importance of utilising a dual battery system. One battery to run the car; one battery to run things when set-up at camp. GT explains how and where to install a second battery, and how to maintain and efficiently utilise two batteries.

3: Round LED driving lights comparison

We collated the best LED round driving lights and pit them up against each other to see which light worked best. ARB, Big Red, Great White, Lightforce, XRAY Vision and Power Vision coughed up a range of round LEDs, ranging in price from $279 to $810. Which light shines brightest?

4: 12-volt air compressor comparison 

When Mark Allen compares products, he compares them thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned. For this 12-volt air compressor comparison he gathered 15 units and tested six important aspects: maximum pressure, air-flow rate, duty cycle, portability, accessories and, of course, price.

5: Eight-way fridge comparison 

We compared eight of the most-popular units on the market and put them through a stringent five-day testing process to see which one was the best fridge to take on your next camping adventure.